Creating the Next Big Thing: Cryptocurrency Launchpad Development

Cryptocurrency Launchpad Development

Launchpads have played a significant role in the development, expansion, and financing of cryptocurrency projects. The biggest gains always go to early adopters of successful projects. It can be challenging to decide where to make your next investment, though, considering the influx of brand-new cryptocurrencies.

The launchpad development services step into the scene at this point. The best place to locate a genuine and validated startup in its infancy is a launchpad. One of the main reasons why more and more companies are turning to launchpads for financing is that they not only provide protection to founders and investors but also do it at a substantially lower cost.

You will learn about launchpads in this article, along with how they operate.

What Is A Crypto Launchpad?

A cryptocurrency launchpad is a platform for the introduction of fresh cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects, and/or coins and tokens. These platforms, also referred to as cryptocurrency incubators, give investors access to early-stage token sales while enabling emerging blockchain-based enterprises to seek funding.

Early access gives investors the chance to save money on a particular cryptocurrency before it becomes available to the general public. Launchpads are advantageous to investors and artists. Investors can locate projects of interest and support their growth by using the launchpad, which provides a project’s specifics, including its description, roadmap, token utilities, whitepaper, etc.

The launchpad gives founders and developers of cryptocurrency projects access to a community of investors and crypto enthusiasts who are eager to learn about and test out new products. The most secure way for both novice and seasoned investors to invest in cryptocurrency projects is through cryptocurrency launchpads. An investor can financially support a project in its presale stage and gain from a price increase as the business develops by becoming an early adopter.

Why Do Investors Require A Crypto Launchpad?

Launchpads are totally permissionless and charge little to no fees to list tokens on DEXs, making them user-friendly for beginners. A team can quickly upload their cryptocurrency project to a launchpad as long as they meet the admission conditions.

Launchpads are less susceptible to security breaches since they do not store user payments. After being linked, launchpads can access tokens using secure wallets. Additionally, only thoroughly validated projects are listed on launchpads, creating a more secure environment for investors’ funds.

There is no waiting period and the project tokens are virtually immediately available for trading.

How Does A Cryptocurrency Launchpad Operate?

Launchpads have two primary objectives:

  • to generate money for initiatives
  • to offer genuine initiatives to local communities before they are made available to the general public.

To accomplish these objectives, launchpads concentrate on developing their community and presenting sincere initiatives for investors to invest in. The majority of launchpad platforms need community members to hold native tokens.

Before engaging in any fundraising, users must confirm their identity. This prevents anyone from abusing the system by making purchases using several IDs. Let’s review the fundamentals of how new crypto businesses typically raise capital for their good or service to comprehend how launchpads operate:

  • An innovative project or service is conceived.
  • The developers of the project generate a token that is essential to their platform.
  • To raise money, they provide these tokens to early adopters.
  • The token is made available on the open market.
  • As the project develops and investors and early users profit, the token’s value rises.

Before 2018, the majority of DeFi initiatives held token sales and fundraising campaigns on their websites, giving investors access to tokens. But the vast majority of ICOs ended up being frauds. After the cryptocurrency market collapsed, investors lost faith in the projects they could invest in.

Cryptocurrency exchanges recognized a chance for profit and seized it, undertaking the process of investigating several new projects and forming partnerships with vetted projects to carry out their sale on their exchange platforms. This technique worked well since exchanges already had a community of users and potential investors.

Initial exchange offering (IEO) is the term used to describe the process of executing token sales of centralized exchanges (CEXs). Decentralized exchanges have recently appeared and provided cryptocurrency initiatives with similar fundraising opportunities.

Several Methods Of Fundraising Via Launchpads

Launchpads come in eight different categories:


A cryptocurrency fundraising technique known as an initial coin offering (ICO) allows investors to contribute in the form of fiat money, cryptocurrencies, or native tokens of the platform. In exchange, they get an equal number of cryptocurrency or utility tokens.

These tokens can grant the possessor access to specific services or features or grant them rights to corporate dividends, among other things. Ethereum, Cardano, Tezos, and NEO are a few notable successful ICOs that have accomplished this over the years.


The cryptocurrency exchange’s version of an IPO is an initial exchange offering or IEO. To assist projects in raising money, exchanges serve as middlemen between investors and start-ups. The exchanges make money by charging clients for the various services they provide during the due diligence and fundraising phases.

Some well-known cryptocurrency exchanges that host IEOs are Binance Launchpad, Huobi Prime, ProBit, OKX Jumpstart, and Bitmax Launchpad.


A decentralized crowd sale is used for the Initial Dex Offering to raise money. Businesses can post their cryptocurrency projects on a site with an IDO launchpad, which certifies them before making them available to investors. By purchasing the IDO tokens for the relevant project or projects, investors fund these initiatives.

The capacity of decentralized exchanges to offer immediate token liquidity is one factor in IDOs’ success. Three successful projects that were started by IDOs are the Raven Protocol, the Universal Market Access Protocol, and SushiSwap. Popular DEXs like Binance DEX, Uniswap, and Polka Starter provide IDO services.


Initial Farm Offering is a decentralized fundraising strategy in which investors can purchase shares during pre-sale events. IFO makes the most of the benefits of trading on DEXs, especially for cryptocurrency beginners. P2P transactions, which enable users to make long-term savings, also encourage IFO platforms. Among IFO platforms, PancakeSwap and BasketDAO are the most widely used.


An Initial Liquidity Offering launchpad is a different decentralized fundraising strategy where buyers and investors sell their tokens. These platforms have an automated market maker (AMM) that matches order requests quickly. Investors who contribute to the platform’s liquidity pool are rewarded with extra tokens.

According to the ILO method, a new token is initially distributed to the purchasers who consent to add funds to the liquidity pool on a DEX. Investors put their money into ventures in need of financing in exchange for increased profits and/or bonuses.


The Initial Insurance Offering strategy uses European options trading to distribute tokens. This token sale technique is used by users to distribute fresh tokens to market investors. IIO’s main goal is to draw investors from the digital market so that companies may raise enough money for their initiatives. The IIO model removes the middlemen from the trading system and aids users in avoiding changes in market price.


Initial NFT Offering is a type of fundraising used just for new NFTs. It entails putting up for sale on a crowdfunding website a selection of first-generation NFTs, such as art items, music, audio files, and so forth. These NFTs have native token backing. Holders of tokens can burn NFTs to release cryptocurrency. In November 2021, PolkaBridge introduced an INO platform to completely transform the way NFT projects are funded.


Investors can purchase shares in cryptocurrency gaming projects through Initial Game Offering launchpads in place of perks like exclusive in-game features and/or discounts. An IGO enables potential users and investors to contribute money in the early stages of a gaming initiative.

By providing exclusive in-game items, limited-edition skins, accessories, mystery boxes, unique weapons, etc., the purchasers’ investment is encouraged. The top five IGO launchpads are Binance NFT, Game Starter, Enjinstarter, Speedify, and GameFi.

What Advantages Do Launchpads Offer The Crypto Ecosystem?

Launchpads benefit the crypto ecosystem while providing some built-in benefits to investors and founders.


One of the simplest methods for a project to advance to the following level of development is through fundraising. Launchpads are essential for obtaining significant funding for ventures to grow and develop. They could also be the ideal setting for the soft launch of a cryptocurrency enterprise.

Early-Stage Investment

Launchpads allow investors to invest in a cryptocurrency project as soon as feasible at the lowest cost while reaping the greatest rewards.

Project Security & Token Appreciation

Because each project is carefully examined before listing, launchpads shield investors from fraud. Launchpads also give investors the chance to investigate the potential value growth of a coin. Investors will fund a project if they think it has the potential to grow rapidly over time.

Building Communities

Launchpads create a committed community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that is a favorable environment for new cryptocurrency initiatives. Crypto projects attract more investors as they continue to grow, assisting the founders in raising money. The launchpad can be used by project developers to communicate with investors directly and involve them in the creation of the project.

How To Build A Crypto Launchpad?

Let’s now examine the crypto launchpad’s development procedure.

Ideation And Planning

The funding and credibility of crypto ventures depend on a launchpad. You must carefully consider how the launchpad will operate and the requirements for projects to be accepted because it serves as an incubator for projects of all sizes. One of the most well-liked launchpads for blockchain initiatives, for instance, is BSCPad.

Because of this, the site does not have specific requirements for projects to be listed. The system is fair for everyone because it is first-come, first-served. There are various tier possibilities for projects, including a lottery tier and a tier with guaranteed positions. The projects on your launchpad can also have an allocation process. During the planning phase, the appropriate decision will be made. The remainder of your launchpad’s features will be added after this, making it the most crucial component.

As a result, make this the initial action in the ideation process. It is preferable to engage with a launchpad creation business that can provide you with knowledgeable thoughts and suggestions because crypto launchpads are still a developing technology.

Native Currency

Having a native token or using an existing token are the two alternatives available to launchpads. For investors looking for a top-tier project to invest in, this is extremely helpful. The way it works is as follows: An investor’s chances of taking part in a particular group of top cryptocurrency presales increase the more native tokens they own. But not all launchpads must have this limitation.

For instance, UpLift DAO is powered by its $LIFT token, and access to fantastic token sales just requires staking a minimum of 100 tokens. All investors don’t need to stake native tokens to obtain a token allocation for some launchpads that accept other assets. To make it simple for customers to buy tokens from the platform and link to their wallets for storage, you may also integrate payment gateways and cryptocurrency wallets.

Verification And Security

Before a project is listed on the launchpad, it must pass multiple screenings, the requirements for which are established by the launchpad itself. To ensure the project owners and the project’s quality are validated and assured before being given to investors, you must incorporate specific security checks.

In fact, before the creation of crypto launchpads, several frauds occurred in which the project founders vanished after deceiving investors into purchasing their tokens during the initial sale. The listings on launchpads are vetted to ensure that only authentic projects are accepted. They must be open and disclose information about the authors and programmers.

Owners of the cryptocurrency project can also submit a thorough whitepaper, which will be a crucial tool for investors thinking about making a long-term investment and that details the entire project, the fundraising strategy, the future roadmap, and more. To join the site, investors as well as projects must have their identities confirmed. For the same, you can start with KYC/AML procedures. By speaking with specialists, you can have a deeper understanding of security measures.


Eventually, a crypto launchpad will need to be created for the investors, who will use it the most. Investors of all experience levels, from beginners who are new to the cryptocurrency industry to professional investors who are authorities in their field, should be able to understand the user experience. STEPN NFT Token, a Move-to-earn concept, is one of the current projects they featured, and Binance Launchpad is an appropriate illustration of a practical UX UI.

They include information such as the number of tokens provided, the participants, the price, the finish time, etc. By consulting leading blockchain development businesses, you can create copies of other launchpads’ pages. A perfect user interface will be provided to you if you choose a white-label launchpad development solution, and all you have to do is add a few tweaks. Instead, if you are creating a launchpad from the start, rigorous user research and an in-depth analysis of other launchpads that have been successful will go a long way.

Admin Panel

The admin dashboard is equally crucial to the launchpad owner as the user interface. This facilitates efficient verification procedures. As a result, the platform’s other side, the admin side, should also be constructed with sophistication.

To make the launchpad investor- and crypto-project owner-friendly, they must be able to verify and cross-check projects and investors there and erase bogus accounts. A clear view of statistics and data regarding each project’s token sales as well as sales of the platform’s native token must be available in the admin interface, which is crucial.

Additions And Integrations

When creating a software product, staying current with trends is crucial. Every day, technology evolves, and we must adjust to stay current and satisfy consumer satisfaction. MetaDexa launchpad is a recent illustration of industry trends being caught up to.

In addition to cutting-edge tools for launching new coins, MetaDexa also offers strong support for promotion and marketing. The launchpad’s marketing staff promises access to a large worldwide audience for cryptocurrency initiatives. As your platform operates, you may determine which features or services will be more popular with your users and keep implementing them.

Test And Implement

You’ll enter the finale, which is testing and platform deployment, after completing the aforementioned processes. The platform may be returned to the developers after testing so they can make adjustments in light of the results.

Following deployment, it’s crucial to consider the customer survey and make the appropriate adjustments. Once the platform is operational, it should be promptly updated on user comfort and market relevancy.

Concluding Words

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, crypto launchpads have emerged as one of the most well-liked and dependable crowdfunding strategies. They are advantageous to project owners and investors alike. On the one hand, they support the growth of new ventures by assisting in the acquisition of funding and publicity. On the other side, they provide access to promising crypto ventures for investors at an early stage.

Launchpads also give investors of all sizes an equal chance to invest. Launchpads may make sure they stay in compliance with international laws while also safeguarding their consumers from fraud by utilizing scalable, effective, and reliable automated KYC technology.