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Many factors affect business success and most times, a business enterprise might not have all it takes to succeed on its own. That is why there are consulting firms that offer different services that help resource businesses and position them better for success.

Some of the key success factors that businesses need to succeed which they might have to outsource include technology, marketing, and logistics. These are 3 broad categories that involve other smaller units of operation.

These key success factors in business are classified under different headings by different experts but they all mean the same thing in the final analysis. In this article, we will look at how a company can be resourced for success through the efficient use of technology, marketing, and logistics.

Understanding how Technology, Marketing, and Logistics Affect Businesses

A basic understanding of how these factors affect the success of a business goes a long way in helping an entrepreneur know how to harness them. We will briefly share the importance of these factors to any enterprise.


Technology helps to drive the effectiveness of a company’s system, its products, and services. It also helps to organize processes and maintain the flow of data between a company and its partners, customers, and employees. The use of technology helps to reduce operational costs while making it more efficient

Since the world has become a global village, technology is highly important for any company to keep abreast of global trends. Business expansion is now easier because of technology; employees can interact virtually across cities, states, and even continents. Communication is made easier, dissemination of information is faster and data flow is seamless; all thanks to technology.


Marketing is a highly important factor for the success of any enterprise. It helps a company to create awareness of its brand not only to a general audience but also to a focused target group. Effective marketing helps to drive growth and profit and also enables a company to get customers and retain them over time.

Any company that employs effective strategies for its marketing campaign is sure to have a strong presence both online and offline and easily connect with its target audience. Connecting with the first success factor that we discussed which is technology, marketing, and technology make a formidable combination which is known as digital marketing. Digital marketing is also known as online marketing and it employs the internet and all forms of digital tools for the promotion of goods and services.

Digital marketing is a great way for businesses to be creative enough to stand out in a congested market. Many tools can be employed to succeed in this aspect of marketing. Click here to read more about the importance of digital marketing to businesses and how to maximize it for success.


Logistics is simply the process through which a company obtains, stores, and transports resources, ensuring that they get to the right destination when due. These resources may be meant for external or internal customers. Although logistics is of utmost priority for/manufacturing companies, every company/enterprise needs successful logistic operations to some extent for the smooth running of its operations.

Logistics is a broad concept in business that encompasses a lot of components. These include demand forecasting, customer service, warehousing, inventory control, handling of materials, processing of customer orders, delivery and transportation. The scope of these activities can sometimes be too broad for some businesses; this is why some companies generally outsource this aspect of their operation to specialists (logistics companies).

How to Successfully Harness the Above Factors

business Success We have briefly discussed the importance of the 3 factors that we mentioned that are critical for the success of businesses. Most times, a company would have a specialty in one field but struggle in other areas.

For example, a law firm that employs several smart professionals may discover that they are behind in technology which in turn affects their marketing. Such a firm will have to find ways to make up for their ‘deficiencies’ by outsourcing the areas of their ‘weakness’ to experts in that field. That being said, there are many consultants that a business can leverage by employing their services.

You can visit for more information on the resources that these consultants will/can make available to your firm. With these resources, you can go on and concentrate on your areas of competence while also harnessing the competence of experts in other fields.


No business can succeed in a vacuum; we all need collaborations and networking to drive business success. In this article, we have discussed the importance of 3 key factors that contribute to the success of any business. There is no way that a single company will be proficient in all 3.

That is why there will always be a need for collaboration. Bear in mind as you outsource some aspects of your business, to always look out for resources that will enhance your business. Always do your due diligence to be sure that these resources will add value to your business before engaging them.