Spanish Model and Blogger Marta Diaz

Marta Diaz

Beauty, lifestyle, and fashion blogger Marta Diaz is a Spanish model born in 2000. She is also an Instagram influencer whose Instagram profile has millions of followers. It is not wrong to say that her Instagram account made her popular. Additionally, she has a TikTok and YouTube channel. Below are some details about Marta Diaz’s life.

How did Marta gain her popularity?

Marta Diaz became popular when she started blogging and creating content on Instagram in 2014. She posts about different things like pictures from her travels, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and daily life content. Then she also wrote a book in 2019 which became popular.

YouTube channel

Once she saw that her Instagram account had taken off successfully, Marta decided to open a YouTube channel. Marta often posts funny videos, makeup tutorials, traveling videos, and anything that takes her fancy. Currently, the channel has over two million subscribers. Furthermore, after going public with her relationship, those who subscribed to her channel are expecting videos related to Reguilon.

Book Publication

In 2019, Marta wrote a book and published it. The book contains instructions on how to be a social media influencer and stories about her life as an influencer. She also includes frequently asked questions and gives answers to them. In addition, Marta tackled some difficult situations influencers face on social media.

Her private life


Marta Diaz has a sister who is also a popular YouTube content creator. 

Both she and her sister started using Instagram at a relatively young age. Not only that, the two are quite successful at what they do. Aside from these little details about her sister, nobody knows much about her parents.

Work and Educational Experiences

Marta started working and making money on social media as a young girl. She has earned millions of dollars and made a name for herself along the line. Concerning her educational background, nobody knows where she schooled or if she attended college. But then, going to college or not is a criterion for becoming an Instagram user or influencer.

Relationships with other influencers

Marta believes in collaborating with other influencers. Hence, she has worked with many influencers and uploaded the content they made together on her Instagram and vice versa. Other influencers have also partnered with her and reciprocated her gesture.

Love life

Marta once dated TheGrefg, a fellow social media influencer who posts on YouTube. Then in 2019, she started a relationship with Sergio Reguilon, a Spanish footballer.

About Marta’s Current Boyfriend

Professional football player Reguilon was born in Spain and is a player for a Spanish Premier League. Because he is a valuable player, his current club borrowed him from his previous one. In addition, Reguilon also plays for his home country’s national team. His profession and relationship with Marta have garnered much media exposure to the public. Whenever the pair go out or post their pictures on their social media, they get lots of likes. It is not surprising as Marta is a beauty and Reguilon is also handsome.

Reguilon’s Football Career

At 8 years old, Reguilon’s parents registered him at a youth football club in Spain. This became his starting and subsequent venture into professional football. He grew up playing football in the junior leagues and years later, several clubs borrowed him. Reguilon is a good player that even his manager had to promote him. The promotion meant that he could play with the main team, which was different from the youth team. Since then, he hasn’t relented in playing to the best of his abilities.

Marta and Reguilon’s Lovely Relationship

The lovely pair of Marta Diaz and Reguilon serenade their Instagram followers with lovey-dovey photos. They are gradually taking the internet by storm. Some of their followers marvel at how close and in tune they are, given how young their relationship is. They also commend both Marta and Reguilon for having their own careers and making it in their own respective fields. They think they’re different from some celebrity couples who only rely on hyping their relationship to remain popular.

First Public Appearance

Marta and Reguilon had earlier kept their relationship away from the public eye and dated secretly. Their first public appearance was at a wedding held in 2019. In the same year, they had to separate due to the COVID-19 lockdown. In an interview, she revealed that she was locked down and couldn’t get to physically see Reguilon. Fortunately, they were able to reunite after the lockdown was removed and created many videos for YouTube.

First Anniversary

To celebrate their first anniversary, Reguilon sent Marta on a Dubai trip. Marta had fun and uploaded pictures of many beautiful places she had been to.

Little Things About Marta

  • She revealed that she had once leveraged social media to make over £490,000.
  • Marta doesn’t only focus on her Instagram account. She has TikTok and YouTube accounts, and each has millions of followers who love her posts.
  • Marta loves fashion and likes to travel and explore new places.


To conclude it all, Marta Diaz is an all-around model and social influencer. She is an equestrian and has competed in several horse competitions. Her love for riding horses is well-known on social media. Moreover, there is photo evidence of this on her Instagram and YouTube accounts. Apart from horses, she loves other animals and has a natural affinity with them.