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The online marketplace for people to buy and sell things called OLX announced the launch of OLX Autos, a franchisee model for buying and selling used vehicles or OLX car. The company says that this is an attempt to organize the used car business in the U.S., which makes up 80% of the market but is not organized at the moment. Dealerships for used cars that are owned and run can join the OLX Autos network. A retail chain will first open its doors in a select number of cities, including Delhi, Mumbai,

Kolkata, and Chennai, amongst others. Every vehicle must pass “rigorous inspection procedure” before it is put for sale on OLX and be the OLX car.

How can I go about purchasing an OLX car via OLX Autos?

It’s not hard at all! Simply proceed in the following manner:

  • Install the OLX mobile app.
  • Choose the OLX Autos (Cars) category to see available OLX Cars.
  • Choose the location, then apply the criteria that are relevant to you.
  • Put in an offer on the vehicle of your choice or engage in conversation with the owners to get further information.
  • Confront the vendor and finalize the transaction! Dealerships for used cars that are privately owned and run can join the OLX Autos network.

What exactly is OLX Autos, and how does the platform itself function?

OLX is already running an online used automobile marketplace. If you want an OLX car you can do so there. With its OLX Autos network, OLX aims to bridge the gap between the online and physical worlds of car buying and selling. Customers may purchase and sell pre-owned automobiles at a network of OLX Autos-branded shops, which independent second-hand car dealers can open who want to become a part of the physical retail chain. The initiative is being introduced first in a select number of cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Madurai, Patna, Rudrapur, Jammu, and Kolhapur, among others.

In contrast to the business-to-business model used by the OLX CashMyCar chain, which is being added to by the OLX Autos network, the OLX . CashMyCar chain is already up and running. CashMyCar stores run CahMyCar stores and give car owners a place to sell their cars. The cars are then auctioned off to dealer partners all over the country. Buying and selling automobiles in India has never been easier than it is with OLX Autos! They provide solutions for purchasing and selling automobiles, including rapid payments, automated conversations, free vehicle inspections, live auctions designed to get you the best price, documentation that is simple and easy to complete, alternatives to sell between online and physical OLX Autos locations, and much more. You may now purchase and sell your OLX car in a method that is secure, easy, and gives you absolute assurance of your peace of mind.

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There are more than 550 inspection centers for OLX Autos in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Every single month, more than 65,000 automobiles are subjected to inspections all around the world. These transactions provide us with the data that we need for the research, and the following is the technique that we used:

OLX Autos gave us access to the real transactional data of all models that were sold via their different platforms in the five cities of Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Chennai up to September 30, 2022.

Benefits of Using an OLX Car

True, nothing beats the excitement of driving away in a brand-new automobile, but second hand cars are the smart choice if you’re looking to save money. Buying a pre-owned vehicle has several advantages beyond financial ones. Listed below are a few advantages of purchasing a used vehicle:

Value for Money

Used automobiles are a great bargain compared to brand new vehicles, but you risk taking on the faults that the prior owner had to deal with. Verifying the vehicle’s certification status is an easy way to avoid this. If you have always wanted to drive a luxury vehicle but have been unable to do so due to financial constraints, purchasing a pre-owned model is a great way to meet your need for a taste of the high life without breaking the bank.

Reduced Rates of Depreciation

You’ll come out ahead since the value of a new automobile drops at a faster pace than an older one. Every month and mile driven reduces a vehicle’s resale price. The first year saw a near 40% decline in value. If you’re looking to save money, consider purchasing a used automobile. There is less emotional depreciation as a result of not having to fret about the occasional dent or rock chip in the paint from the parking lot.

Competitive Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums, like finance costs, rise as a vehicle ages. But, insurance premiums for pre-owned vehicles are often cheaper. Those who do some homework before making a purchase might avoid the unpleasant surprise of high insurance premiums on any car.


In addition to the great price, when you buy a used automobile from a company-owned used car dealership, you receive a guarantee on the car. However, there are restrictions on how many miles (or how long) the warranty will cover.

Indirect Tax on Purchases

When advertising automobiles, manufacturers often avoid discussing taxes. In many jurisdictions, taxes are paid on the purchase of new automobiles but not on the buy of previously used automobiles. Buyers of used automobiles may save a significant amount of money in this manner.

Get An OLX Car

Buying a used car doesn’t have to mean settling for a vehicle with a beat-up appearance, stained upholstery, and many dings and dents. People nowadays can get a decent price on a secondhand automobile without compromising on dependability or general condition. You have a lot of options when it comes to used cars, and you can choose one that is both cheap and in great mechanical shape. OLX Autos has a lot of great options; in fact, an OLX car comes with various safety measures and “looks like new,” which can be completed and simply. A certified OLX car sold by major dealerships often meets greater standards of cleanliness, condition, and mechanical reliability than non-certified used cars