How to Make it easier to find a Job in Thailand

Job in Thailand

You watch ads of a job placement in foreign When you watching free streaming sites like 123netflix or Download free HD Pubg wallpaper or other free things like these and sometimes you trust them but they exploit you but in this article, I tell you some ways, that helps you to get a job in Thailand, So let’s start.

1- Walk-In

Searching job on the internet and sending a resume through email could be one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to do but the good news won’t come easy, though. So another option is to call them and ask about having an interview but a much better way is to walk-in to the company and introduces yourself. If you are lucky, they will arrange an interview right away or if not there is still more chance for them to call you back in.

2- Be Very Friendly and Smile a Lot

Smiling is very important for living in Thailand. As you can see that Thai people tend to smile a lot and for almost everything they smile. So you should do it too. Even if you can’t communicate with them at all, either you don’t know Thai or they don’t know English but by smiling then you will be surprised by the result.

3- Make a Lot of Thai Friends

Making a lot of friends especially Thai friends will be a good advantage for you. Thai people like helping and they will help you a lot if you are a good friend to them. This can make your life easier in many things while living in Thailand. Some of them will help you finding work or even take you to meet new Thai people to open more chances for you to find work.

4- Wear Formal

I have seen some foreigners wearing a t-shirt and jeans for their interview and that was rude. I have seen even much worse than that when I was applying for an English teaching job I saw 3 guys wearing shorts and sandals giving resume to the teacher. I can’t understand what they were thinking of wearing something like that. So keep in mind that Thai people may be easy-going people but if you dress like you don’t respect the place and yourself then no one will take you too.

5- Search and Search

Finding a job is not easy for many. Some people have been searching for months some for weeks and some people even for years. I know it’s hard but never give up, never! Keep yourself update to all websites and the chance will come to you just try hard.

6- If  You Don’t Know English Well

Yes, I’m in this category too. If you don’t know English well then one thing you need to do is improve your English. Not knowing English professionally can be the biggest obstacle to find work but if you know Thai then it’s another story. Most companies require you to be able to speak English at least 550 scores for the TOEIC exam if you are not a native speaker and let me tell you the exam is quite easy the chance that you will get more than 550 scores is very high.

7- Find a Rich Wife or Husband

Well, I’m kidding about this one but who knows what will happen.