How to Identify Bed Bugs Infestation? A Comprehensive Guide


Generally, people blame stress, exhaustion, and other such factors when they are unable to have restorative sleep. However, there’s another major cause that’s often overlooked. We are talking about the presence of bed bugs in your home. These tiny creatures make their way to your home without letting you know. They can be present on your bed, sofa, curtains, clothes, or other belongings, and live there for a long time.

Getting rid of them is not easy. You will have to hire the best pest control surrey bc services to eliminate them from your home. However, before that, you need to identify their presence. Here’s how you can do that:

Blood Stains on the Bedsheet

Little blood spots on your bed are one of the most prominent signs of bed bugs infestation. These stains look like little rust patches and are frequently seen towards the bed’s corners.

Apart from bloodstains, bed bugs lose their skin as they age, so you could notice a brown exoskeleton on your bed. It’s another common indicator of their presence in your home.

Feeling itchy

There’s a good possibility you have bed bugs in your home if you wake up with itching patches on your skin that weren’t there before you slept. Flat, red welts appear in clusters or zigzag lines along with the itching. These bites might sometimes be in straight lines.

Marks on Your Arms and Shoulders

Fleas frequently bite our ankles, leaving a mark. Bed bugs, on the other hand, feed on the arms and shoulders. The reason? These are the areas that are frequently exposed when we sleep.

Unpleasant Smell

There may be no itching or other apparent signs in certain situations. Your bed, on the other hand, may have an unpleasant, musky stench, akin to that of a damp towel. Pheromones emitted by bed bugs are frequently the source of this odor. When these pheromones exist in large quantities, they can emit a powerful odor.

Having a Hard Time Sleeping

As stated above, it’s possible that bed bugs are making it difficult for you to sleep in your bed. Their bites cause itchiness, which may disturb your sleep. However, keep in mind that a variety of factors can contribute to the problem, but in the case of bed bugs, the trouble in sleeping is caused by the itching that develops as a result of being bitten by those small animals.

The aforementioned are some of the common signs of bed bugs infestation. However, these pests usually hide in many places where they cannot be easily seen. Follow the steps given below to find bed bugs in your home:

Examine Your Bed Carefully

Inspect your bed thoroughly to find and eliminate bed bug. Strip the mattress and inspect every nook and cranny. During this technique, a magnifying lens might be quite useful. Additionally, if there isn’t enough light, utilize the flashlight on your phone.

Examine Your Room

Always keep in mind that bed bug aren’t just found in beds. Although their name implies that they are exclusively found on beds, they may also be discovered in other places of your room. Hence, you must thoroughly investigate the entire room. Bed bugs can be found in upholstered furniture. As a result, look over objects like chairs, drapes, and couches. Bed bugs might be detected in your carpet as well. Make sure you’ve double-checked the edges. Look behind the drawers and the headboard as well.

Examine the Closet

Bed bugs can also be found in this location. Clinging to your garments, they can get inside your closet. This is, in reality, their mode of transportation. If you don’t examine the closet, you’ll be making a mistake.

Summing it up, as soon as you find and locate bed bugs in your house, make it a priority to eliminate them as quickly as possible. You’ll have to check every aspect of your home if you do it yourself, which might take a long time. Furthermore, you may overlook the location where they may be discovered. This is why experts recommend hiring bed bug exterminator Surrey services that specialize in dealing with bed bug as the ideal option. The sooner you get started on this, the better. They’ll check every nook and cranny of your room for bed bugs and make sure it’s bug-free.