Choose the Top Credit Cards for your Daily Lifestyle


The number of credit cards issued in the financial year 2018-19 reached 49.9 million, showing a 30% growth from its previous year where the number of credit cards issued touched the 37.4 million mark. Consequently, the number of transactions and amount transacted has witnessed a similar rise in number. The statistics show the rising popularity of credit cards in India which was non-existent a few years back with a monopolized market of debit cards. 

With the availability of multiple credit cards online, it has been more accessible for consumers. Consequently, the room for confusion is there for users in choosing which card is the best for their everyday lifestyle needs. Selecting a wrong card may debar you from potential benefits that you may have acquired in the other case. 

Also, opting for a credit card online may as well avail you with added benefits like checking credit card application status online, checking reward points, redeeming reward points, purchasing vouchers, etc. 

Subsequently, look out for these must-have features in your credit card to ensure it benefits you in your everyday lifestyle. 

1. Spending habits 

Analyzing your spending habits is essential in the process of choosing the best credit cards online. Certain individuals may use the card regularly while some may utilize it for emergency situations. Choosing the right card as per your spending habits will make sure the benefits acquired are at its maximum. Individuals seeking these credit cards may wish to pay the credit amount in full or may carry a balance to the next month. Individuals falling in the latter section hence may get most benefits by choosing a card that offers lower interest rates or introductory rates for balance carry. 

2. Select as per the kinds of rewards and cashbacks 

Borrowers who use credit cards online regularly for everyday lifestyle and intend to make full payment of credits within the due date and grace period can focus on reward points and cash back’s offered by the lender. For meeting the everyday lifestyle needs right from purchasing movie tickets to grocery shopping, few credit card lenders offer reward points for each spending made through the credit card. You can do multiple things with your credit card reward points such as qualifying for gift vouchers, cash back’s, etc. 

Every day spent can bring you rewards and cashback can be in purchase/ payment of travel tickets, hotel bookings, utility bills, groceries, restaurants, etc. 

3. Credit limit of a card 

The credit limit is the number of funds an individual can borrow using their credit cards online. Lending institutions evaluate this limit based on factors like credit score, history, a monthly or annual income of an individual, etc. Consumers need to spend as per their credit limit or conversely, avail a credit card with a high credit limit to ensure hassle-free usage of funds. 

4. Fees and penalties charged

Lenders of credit cards online charge penalties and fees on various occasions that include late bill payments, balance transfers, cash withdrawals, etc. Make sure your lender keeps a transparent medium in charging these fees so that you use a credit card wisely while spending and at the time of repayment. 

5. Interest rate 

Credit card users need to pay the spent amount for a month in full within the grace period to avoid paying any interest on it. Post this grace period, the rate of interest is incurred on the spent amount. Therefore, choosing a lender that offers introductory lower interest rates will be the best credit card for you. Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is one such card as it provides borrowers with a 90-day interest-free ATM withdrawal option. 

Subsequently, using credit cards online for everyday lifestyle can become easier and beneficial if these points are taken into consideration. Making use of the rewards and cash backs and streamlining your purchases according to your spending and repayment habits can benefit you at the most and a card that serves these preferences is your best choice.