Information Guide to Content Marketing

Sam Kahn Manchester content marketing

We all might not realize but whoever writes content knows that if you own a small business or you write blogs, content marketing is the heart of your success. But then the question arises that if it can boost up your business then why not all small businesses or blog writers are blowing up? The answer is that not everyone that writes content and does content marketing does it the right way.

Content marketing matters to build a long-term strategy to build a sustainable blog or any business online. Here in this article, Sam Kahn from Manchester commonly known as Sam Kahn Manchester will talk about the importance of content marketing.

How can you implement content marketing?   

There are many ways you can implement a content marketing strategy, blogs, YouTube videos, eBooks, and other social media platforms. You have to use every one of them to your advantage and max potential. And you have to be honest with your content, blogs, or the videos that you are going to post. Developing trust with your audience is the most important aspect you need to grow your business.

Why does content marketing matter? 

During the last couple of years as social media gained popularity and reached its peak, it has become obvious that the role of content marketing has also raised nowadays people like to take reviews of the product they are planning to buy online. And it has also become a primary way to market for business.

Before the internet era companies used to put up big large banners, hoardings that would cost the companies thousands of dollars but as soon as the internet took over companies have found a comparatively cheaper and alternative method to advertise their product through videos, blogs, and websites.

Today ads get very little attention where 70% of people in a survey said that they would like to learn about a company or a specific product through articles, not an advertisement.

How to engage your audience? 

When your content is focused on what your audience wants you can gain their trust and can engage your audience more towards your product and blogs, says Samuel Nathan Kahn. Trust and loyalty are the key ingredients to your leads into customers.

There might be some traffic that does not like your content or enjoy every blog you write but keep yourself focused on writing content that is best for your audience’s interest.

Every time you write a blog or any article keep a check on how much of your traffic likes your blog? How many of them have revisited you? And what are the things they are liking and not liking about your content?

Content writing is all about learning something new every day. Analyze your work, learn to improvise adapt, and present your best work every time to the audience that regularly visits and reads your blogs.

Sam Khan concluded that, make your audience trust you and be loyal to you by only writing the right content if you write false reviews about a product or anything that might make you lose your audience’s trust in you.