Write a Great Article in Just 30 Minutes

Write a Great Article

In the recent past, the number of Hindi bloggers has increased rapidly on the Internet. Read this article in detail then You How to write a great article in just 30 minutes.

Write a Great Article in just 30 minutes
Write a Great Article in just 30 minutes

Yes! Making a blog is not everything! Today it has become very easy to create a blog even from mobile, the big thing is to publish content on that website! Because you go to any website because you have to get information.

But often new bloggers write good articles too! But in that, they take a lot of time, but read this post carefully and follow all the given tips.

So where you used to take an hour to write an article, now you will be able to prepare it in half an hour. So let’s start this funny post today, and first of all, we understand, how to write a good article?

Before we know how to write articles fast? It is also important for you to understand that there should be enough information in that article.

It should not happen that in a hurry, you forget to give information to your readers in the article.

And if some important information is missed in it, then all your hard work of writing fast articles will be wasted!

Because readers will not be satisfied with your article!

Read 5-6 Articles!

So what to do if you are going to write a post on any topic! So do research on that topic beforehand! And the website which is ranking in the top!

read another article
And see what information has been given in their articles? And once in turn read 5-6 articles and see what information is being given in the article.

Find the Main Points!

main points of an article
Now after reading the article, what information do you think is very important! Write them in notepad, now whenever you write an article, it will be easy for you to include these main points in your article and you will be able to prepare a useful and informative article for the readers.

perform better!
Now, what do you have to write about the topic? It’ll just sit on your mind! But at the same time start analyzing it to make your best content.

After analyzing all these things now if you feel that any information is missing in it? Or if it had images and videos, it would have been better. So you add them to your article!

And also if you think that if more points are added on this topic, then your article length will be more and you will be able to do better than your competitor.

Friends, if you follow the above tips, then you will be ready to write a good article, now it comes to Jaldi Article Kaise Likhe?

How to Write Articles Quickly?

Now I am going to share with you a simple trick to write articles quickly! Keep in mind that this method can be done by those who have been in the field of blogging for a year or two and have had the practice of writing articles.

Till now, how do you write articles with the help of a keyboard or blogging from mobile, then you must be doing touch-typing!

But friends there if you do Voice Typing? And write all the information spoken in the article! So you can write as many articles in 1 minute as you can write in 4 to 5 minutes by typing.

Think! How much Time will You Save!!

And yes friends, I am not blowing any air here! I have written the article you are reading now through voice typing and today many pro bloggers write articles with this trick.

However, if you are a new blogger then it is possible that you may get stuck in voice typing in the beginning. Because you may have some difficulty in speaking which word, where!

But when writing articles, voice typing makes it easy to write articles! And this is a way that not only saves your time but also saves your energy.

Apart from this, in the end, I would like to say that you will definitely make mistakes while doing voice typing! Because mic never works well in voice typing

So in such a situation when you write a complete article! So before you publish it, check the entire article once, and wherever there is a spelling mistake, sentence mistake, check it!

And if everything goes well, now you can start publishing that article.

How to Write SEO-Friendly Articles?

An article that readers feel good to read, along with it, it is important that that article is also SEO friendly, only then it will rank on search engines like Google, Bing and more and more people will be able to read that article.

So below are some tips with the help of which you can write an SEO-friendly article.

Write Short Paragraphs!

Readers prefer to read short paragraphs which are of 2-3 lines as compared to reading long paragraphs of 10-12 lines.

Therefore, write small paragraphs in your article, so that the article is Seo friendly as well as best from the point of view of Seo.

Use SUB-Headings

WordPress, Blogger Both blogging platforms have H2, H3, H4 sub-headings. Through these headings, it is easy for the readers to read the main points of your blog post.

Post Subheadings 

H1 is also called title. This is the main heading that has to be used only once in its post.

Apart from this, wherever there are subheadings in your article, which is most important, make it H2 Heading and those which are less important make them H3, H4.

Images play an important role in making the article SEO-friendly. In order for the image you have added to the article to load faster, it is necessary that you already compress that image and reduce its size.

and then publish. There are many online tools (compress jpeg, typing, etc.) to compress without losing quality. Using which you can reduce the size of your image and make it SEO-friendly by publishing it.

Article length
Google or any search engine gives more recognition to those blog posts, on which detailed information has been given on a topic.

This is because whenever the user searches on Google on that topic, he gets all the information in one blog post and he does not have to go to any other post!

So if you publish small articles with incomplete information, then you are making a mistake.

Instead of publishing detailed information on any topic, it will be very helpful in getting you ranking on Google besides being a reader-friendly article.

Link one Page to Another

After reading one post of your blog, if readers read any other post, then it has two benefits.

• Bounce rate is low
• The second is your page views.

So whenever you publish an article, then add a link to any other article related to it in that article as well.

But keep in mind that it is not right to do excessive internal linking, due to which the article is over-optimized.

Therefore, it is best to do internet linking wherever it is needed in the article.

schedule post
If you publish articles in a week or month whenever you want, then you are wasting the hard work done in your blog somewhere.

For the block to be successful or to bring traffic to the blog, it is necessary that you follow a timetable and post it continuously.

Only then by writing a Seo-friendly article, you will be able to get traffic from it.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Now I am not promoting any plugin here, but millions of bloggers around the world use the Yoast SEO plugin to write an SEO-friendly article.

Yoast SEO plugin
So if you blogging on the WordPress platform then you can install the Yoast SEO plugin in your blog, it helps you to write the best SEO-friendly article.

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Article likhne ka tarika in English?
If you do not know how to speak or write good English but you have to write a post in English for your blog, then do not worry, it is possible that two tools will help you in this task.

• Google Translate
• Grammarly

You can use Google Translate to write articles in English. First, you write your own unique article in Hindi and then translate it on Google Translate.

Apart from this, if there are grammar mistakes when writing the article in English, then you can use the Grammarly tool on your mobile or computer for this.

Through this free tool, all your grammatical mistakes can be detected which you can fix in one click.

So friends, both these tools will help you! But you do not have to rely on these two tools, you yourself have to practice English grammar writing daily to write articles well in English. Because the article written by yourself without tools is the best.

How to Write a Hindi Article?

You can write Hindi articles on both your mobile or computer device.

You can use Notepad or Word document to write articles on PC. If you do not know how to type Hindi on a computer, then there are many English to Hindi typing websites online where you type in English, it will be converted into Hindi.

Or if you want to type offline in Hindi, then there are many videos on YouTube, by watching which you can enable Hindi typing on your computer.

If you want to write articles using mobile, then there are many such apps on the play store that give you the facility of a notepad to write articles as well as how many words of your article, word count also gives information.

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How to write a news article?
Like a normal blog post, if you write news articles, then you can prepare a good news article by keeping the following things in mind.

Do research first.

Hindi English or any language There are many news portals providing the latest news on the internet, you can search them and visit them. Read the latest news.

Start writing

When you come to know about any latest news, then you can analyze that news in your own words through your article writing and publish it on your blog.