Sustainable And Classy: Kraft Boxes UK

kraft boxes UK

Searching for ‘Kraft boxes the UK’ or ‘Kraft packaging UK’, you’re at the right place.

Kraft boxes are made using Kraft paper. Kraft paper is a processed material made using woodchips. Thus, it is one of the best options to showcase your brand by using environmentally sustainable packaging. 

This blog will tell you how to create the best Kraft packaging in the UK. We will go over various customisation options, including custom prints, colour models, and other design elements that can take your packaging to the next level. 

Let’s begin.

Find The Best Kraft Paper for Your Packaging

When choosing the best Kraft paper for your packaging, it is essential to think about your requirements. How much can you spend? What kind of design do you want? 

For instance, if you want to organise a party or event with an eco-friendly theme, then using Kraft paper boxes is a smart option.

How To Customise Your Kraft Boxes UK?

One of the biggest benefits of choosing custom Kraft boxes packaging in the UK is that you can tweak it according to your brand’s requirements. 

You can do this with customised prints, designs and colours for each order. Let’s dive into these customisations and study how they can help you create beautiful Kraft packaging. 

Custom Prints For Kraft Paper Bags UK

Custom prints can help you add beautiful graphics, artwork and logos to the Kraft packaging boxes. They are among the most popular customisations because you can make your packaging look more attractive and appealing.

Here are some print options that can help enhance your Kraft paper bags in the UK: 

Custom Logo Prints     

With logo prints, you can spread awareness about your company by making it visible on all your products. These prints can be made using high-quality digital or offset presses that ensure no compromise on quality.

Furthermore, using the printing techniques mentioned above, you can remain cost-effective regardless of the order size. 

Custom Artwork Prints     

Believe it or not, adding custom artwork to your packaging can enhance its beauty by several folds. This option is ideal for companies looking to present their products in a classy way.

Product Photography     

If the design of your products allows it, you can use beautiful photography to make the packaging more attractive. This option is especially beneficial if your products look enticing and appealing in real life.

Custom Colours     

Another great way to enhance the appeal of your Kraft paper bags in the UK is by using custom colours. It would be best if you used high-quality offset presses for this option. Using custom colours can make the design look more stylish and classy.

A couple of colour models can help you create beautiful graphics. Models like CMYK and PMS can help you create vibrant prints transforming the packaging to represent your brand. 

CMYK uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The letters stand for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) colour.

The mixing of these four colours helps produce eye-catching shades that look enticing. 

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, a colour model based on swatches. Thus, you can get customised colours by selecting the corresponding swatches. 

That allows you to match the colours on the packaging with the shades of your brand accurately. 

Other advanced printing methods can help you create beautiful prints. You can use them to create custom designs that are unique, attractive, and appealing. 

These include:

  • Electroplating       
  • Thermography Printing     
  • Letterpress Printing        
  • Screen Printing
  • Correction Fluid Printing 
  • Rotogravure Printing
  • Jacquard Silk Screen Printing
  • Lace Paper Screen Printing


Other Design Elements That Can Enhance Your Kraft Paper Bags UK

Using design elements like ribbons, Je time tags, buttons, bows, and other accessories can make the packaging look more stylish and classy. 

You should use these accessories with care. Avoid overdoing them by placing the embellishments so that they do not overshadow the content inside. 

The idea is to enhance the appeal of your package, not overpower it with fancy designs.

Furthermore, you can opt for embossing, debossing, spot UV, window patching or hot stamping. These add-ons can give your custom printed Kraft paper bags new dimensions.

Moreover, you can combine these options to make your Kraft packaging boxes stand out and look exclusive. 

Custom adore brands that pay due attention to the details of their packaging. Thus, every element of your package should live up to their high expectations.

It is not just about utilising the design elements that looked good initially. You must consider technical specifications and guidelines before you finalise a printing project.

Packaging Design Tips That Can Help You Succeed     

Here are some design tips that can help you make your packaging look gorgeous and appealing:

Focus on creating a clear brand image that communicates the core idea of your business. Once you have that figured out, everything else will be easier for you to create.    

As stated earlier, every element of your package must work hard to enhance the appeal of the product inside. As such, you should focus on how the elements work together to create a beautiful result.

Avoid overcrowding your design where necessary. It can lead to confusion and make potential customers think twice before buying your products.     

The more organised everything on your packaging appears, the easier it will be for clients to find what they want.     

A good rule of thumb is to keep things simple and clean. Avoid creating text-heavy designs that can become a distraction. Instead, focus on using images and graphics that communicate the core idea of your business proposition.    


As mentioned earlier, finding the right printing method suitable for your Kraft boxes the UK presents its challenges. Moreover, you need to focus on other elements like design, embellishments, and packaging.

Using the tips mentioned in this article will help you avoid some common mistakes while working on your customised Kraft boxes UK project. 

Thus, if you want to elevate your brand image with quality packaging that attracts attention, then you should learn everything there is to know about the printing and packaging market. 

If you are seriously considering custom printed Kraft boxes the UK, then you should start by contacting a reliable online printing company. That is the best way to create brand awareness and gain traction among potential clients.