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Paper Bag Solutions in Pakistan is at large flourishing business with huge numbers of customers. The Paper Bag industry is fast catching up with people due to its many advantages. In the recent times, Paper Bag manufacturing has become an important part of exports in Pakistan. But this is only for the Paper Bags manufacturer’s profit. Now, this is also a big business opportunity for many other small and big players.

Butte board Bag Co. Ltd. is a very prosperous company in Pakistan with great Paper Bag Solutions. Butte board is the leading supplier of paper bags in the whole of Asia. Butte board is at large involved in producing and exporting paper bags to India, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and several other countries. The Company’s main factory is located in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Butte board has several other factories across India, China, and the Philippines.


Butterfly Group is another Paper Bag Solutions in Pakistan brand. Their products are also popular world-wide, they are well known for their quality and low cost Paper Bag Solutions. They have factories in India, China, and many other parts of the world. Butterfly bags are mainly exported to India, Japan, China, and several other countries. Many Paper Bag Manufacturers in Pakistan also exports to these places.

What makes a plastic bag?

By using the best quality raw material raw, and then adding special touches of styling, these Paper Bag Solutions in Pakistan manufacturers are able to make Paper Bag Handles from various materials. These include but not limited to, aluminum, plastic, acrylic, nylon, and stainless steel handle. All the Paper Bag Handles have an attractive look and can enhance the outlook of any environment.

These Paper Bag Solutions in Pakistan manufacturer uses the best stainless steel wire to make their handles. They make use of raw aluminum or copper or titanium in order to make their handles durable and long-lasting. They can be customized according to your needs by using special tools and techniques. After designing you can test the durability of each handle by carrying them with the same weight. If they feel heavy for your hands, they are ideal handles.

Why are paper bags bad for the environment?

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Paper Bag Solutions in Pakistan is engaged in providing quality Paper Bag manufacturing, packaging, and finishing services to customers across the globe. They also provide import/export-related support to their global customer. If you have any requirement regarding Paper Bag Solutions, no issues should be contacted as they would surely solve any issue concerning Paper Bag manufacturing and Paper Bag Solutions in Pakistan and Lahore