Interesting Bathroom Renovation ideas with classy Table Top WashBasin


Are you looking for a stylish bathroom change? The bathroom is often an underrated space in most homes, but bathroom renovation needs a lot of tact as the confined space can look amazing with a bit of thoughtfulness and effort. We are the providers of exclusive tabletop washbasin and many other styles that can change this space’s complete look with ample designs to discover. Here are a few unique bathroom design ideas and tips for a perfect washbasin set up in it.

  1. Go minimal, white and clear

A serene white bathroom and tabletop washbasin can overpower the most stylish and innovative bathroom designs as well. You can make the bathroom look functional and broader with a pure white touch to it. You can also keep the essentials ready and keep a clean countertop that provides a perfect storage solution.

2. Opt for concrete design to give your basin an earthy touch

We provide a wide variety of tabletop washbasin that can enhance your bathroom aesthetics along with adding a tranquil element to the bathroom. You can opt for the fantastic concrete-based washbasin in a few complimenting shades, such as light grey or darker tones. It is a unique design and can add good lighting and fittings that give a perfect countertop look. Keeping some potted flowers alongside is also a good idea.

3. Space-saving washbasin sink space

Utilizing the bathroom space with complete efficacy is an ideal way to make the fullest of it. Choice of space-saving idealistic table top wash basin aids in generating ample storage space that makes the bathroom more organized and clean. With this, you can also avoid the cramped look in the bathroom area.

4. Try some metallic finishing

At the corner of the bathroom, you can install a white porcelain sink and add a golden tap fitting for a metallic fusion. Swapping with the fittings along with the washbasin can re-define the whole structure while keeping minimalism in mind. Chrome or metallic finishes often transform the entire look of your bathroom area. You can explore the finest and most trendy designs at mytyles to upgrade the bathroom décor.

5. Designer washbasin

Bathroom renovation is an art that signifies your taste and class. A designer tabletop basin can add a versatile feature to your bathroom area and become a significant highlighter to the whole space. You can also create complete storage beneath so that guests cannot figure out the personal essentials at all. A clean of hand towels or some décor items can look incredible. You can even select the matching dispenser that aces the look of your bathroom area.

An entirely designed and decorated bathroom is possible only with an exquisite table top wash basin piece. Go ahead and explore your dream basins at  to give a fresh look to your bathroom and that to at pocket-friendly rates!