10 Fashion Hacks That Work Every Time

10 Fashion Hacks That Work Every Time

Are you a mom and you find it hard to stay on top of your fashion game? I hear you, you are not alone. I know it’s a huge accomplishment to get your hair done in the morning when you have to dress up your kids at the same time.

Picking the right outfit or doing makeup during the meltdowns, storytimes or when toys are all over the floor would make you feel great if you get everything done in one piece. Personally, I struggle to shop for western and Pakistani clothes online USA especially with 3 boys under the age of 10. You cannot control the fuss kids create that much but you can still stay on top of your fashion game by having some fashion hacks up your sleeves.

Calling all the busy moms out there; follow these fashion hacks to look fresh and your best (duh):

1: Make Dry Shampoo Your Best Friend

If you feel it’s too much work to shower when you have finally put the kids to sleep, no worries. Use dry shampoo instead. If you already have a brand you love, that’s amazing. You would only have to shower every 3 to 4 days with dry shampoo.

2: Wear Comfort Shoes

It’s perfectly fine to wear heels when you are going to an event without kids but when kids are with you, always wear comfortable shoes. Slip-on shoes are extremely comfortable when you are in the house. When you go out to run errands, wear sneakers or a nice pair of flats. You will be glad that you ditched the heels.

3: Keep Travel-Sized Makeup

Since you are the mom, most of the time, you won’t find time to glam yourself up with makeup. An easy solution is to keep travel-sized makeup and carry it with you all times. When the red light hits, this should spare a few minutes to do makeup.

4: Carry a Functional Backpack

If you have got a toddler and you have to carry diapers, some extra clothes, a bottle, a purse won’t fit all that. You don’t have to carry a dorky diaper bag either. Get a functional backpack instead. As long as it’s cool and functional, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. You will look cool wearing one.

5: Use Hair Straighter For Getting Rid Of Wrinkles

Don’t like ironing your clothes again and again? No worries use a hair straightener to quickly fix the wrinkles. It works wonders on all types of fabrics. The results are not as great a steam iron but it does the work.

6: Use Baby Wipes for Removing Stains

Baby wipes are not just handy for wiping messy kids make, they are great for removing stains as well. You can also use for cleaning stains from car upholstery and carpet stains. The best part is that they smell nice. Feel free to use these wipes for wiping stains. They are actually very handy.

7: Stay Away From Teethy Jewelry

Moms have to be a little careful about the type of jewelry they wear especially if they have got toddlers who like to chew on anything they come across. You child might have chewed your bracelets or necklace multiple times. To stay safe, wear plastic jewelry. Lots of brands specialize in creating jewelry that’s kid’s friendly. Find them and wear them.

8: Examine Your Beauty Routine

If you follow a beauty routine, what part of it gets you up and running? Some ladies need a long morning shower to shake off the lazy. If that’s so, make sure you shower in the morning.

You could also be the type of person who needs an hour to themselves before getting things done. In that case, set your alarm earlier an hour so that you wake up before everyone else does. See if it helps improve your mood.

9: Prepare Your Clothes the Night Before

Some of us need extra time deciding the outfit. We can’t make last-minute decisions. If that’s you, make sure you layout your outfit of the night before. When you are in a hurry, you always can’t seem to find stuff. That could make you late. So, save yourself from the trouble and prepare everything in advance. This will take away all your excuses.

10: Always Wear an Accessory

This is one fashion hack that has the power to transform your outfit and every day look. Always wear an accessory. It could be a scarf a hat, wristwatch, beanie or anything that plays the role of a statement piece. These items will elevate your outfit and you will look chic.

Summing Up

With these fashion hacks, whether you wear Pakistani women dress or an eastern outfit and head to run errands, work or a formal event, you will look presentable. You will always look fresh no matter how busy your kids keep you.