7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Security System Safe

security system

A home security system is much more home than a CCTV network that relays what is happening to the devices of your choice. Though a CCTV is the first thing that pops up into your mind when someone says home security, or security in general, the whole security space has evolved over years to including lighting, motion sensors, infrared laser security, and audio tracking.

The quality, recording capabilities, relay mechanisms, and cost too have improved drastically. The obvious reasons for a security system are safety and protection, while it can also be used for monitoring, and reaching out as first respondents in case of emergencies when there are children, elders, people with vulnerabilities or pets around, says

So, how do you keep a security system secure? Imagine the very system that protects you from being unsafe! With a few tips and pointers that you can easily follow, you can ensure that your security system does the one job it is designated to thoroughly – protect & keep safe.

Password Protection:

We keep our phones, emails, and login passwords protected. Most time though, security devices are installed by third-party service providers, and these are left with default or flimsy passwords – because, hey, we retrieve footage only once in a while, right? Wrong! A strong password is absolutely necessary. Check password strength on one of the many sites available on the internet, or if using a connected home system, use the suggested random password option, which will be saved and used when you authorize it’s unlocked with the one master password.

Change Your Passwords:

Maybe you had to share it with the servicing guy. Maybe it is too weak. It is a good practice to change passwords regularly so that bots or malicious devices have no chances or insurgency into your system. A strong password is the first line of defense against Trojans and malware.

Please Invest in Quality:

We cannot stress this enough. Security is like an insurance policy. It may seem like a sink hole. But you would not know its value unless there is an actual incident. And we hope there is never one! The sub-2000 camera on Flipkart may look promising, but maybe you should look at all security features in detail. If you are opting for full home automation, consult experts from any top Home Automation services company in Hyderabad who will explain in detail. There are options that will be cost effective in the long run. DO the right math.

Router Security:

With IoT becoming more commonplace, and features like Amazon sidewalk coming in on existing devices, the humdrum of technology has turned endless. Without your knowledge, smart devices can effortlessly connect to your router. Think of it as snoopy bugs! (Well, not exactly, but somewhat so). So here is what you can do – set up a smart router. A router that will notify you the moment an unauthorized device attempts to connect to your home network.

Update Your Software:

Often the manufacturer releases security patches for bugs or just adds new features to make things better. Just like your phone or computer have software up[dates, security systems have them too. When prompted for an update by the smart device, take a moment, look at what is being offered and update your device software, advise experts from a leading Audio, Video system installation company in Hyderabad.

Keep Your Devices Clean:

In many areas of India, cameras are exposed to harsh weather conditions, and devices to dust. To minimize mechanical malfunction, you must keep them clean. Just like you clean your TV set or laptop. Use safe alcohol based cleansers suitable for devices with lenses, or dry clean with a soft cloth. This increases the longevity of hardware, and relays better picture quality.

Professional Services:

DIY is great. But security is one area we would advice you hire experts. It is a non negotiable, zero tolerance area and you need a professional who knows their job. Not just in choosing the right security system for your needs, but also installing it the right way, and servicing it regularly.

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