What Degree Do You Need for Human Resources Careers?

Au Chat Kwan

Every business, every organization in the world requires manpower. Even the most technologically advanced companies need people to run certain operations. In order to manage manpower, every organization has established a department of human resources. From recruiting employees to managing salaries, the HR department manages tasks regarding human resources. The department which is headed by an HR manager is run by a team of employees. The HR department offers a wide range of careers. Let’s see what it takes to be a leading character in HR like Au Chat Kwan

What Educational Qualifications Do You Need?

Unlike in the past when human resources professionals came from general educational backgrounds, at present, to have a decent career in human resources, one has to achieve specific qualifications, as the field has become extremely competitive. It would be a little tricky to win a career in HR if you do not specify your disciplines. 

1. Bachelor’s in Human Resources

The basic step towards an HR career is earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources. If you are not eligible to go for a Bachelor’s Degree, you can always opt for a basic certificate course or a diploma in Human Resources, to begin with. What matters is having a clear knowledge of the career that you are aiming at. 

2. Master’s in Human Resources

Once you complete your Bachelor’s, it would be wise to pick a Master’s Degree in Human Resources, or any related discipline to boost your knowledge of the field, as well as, to go for a higher position. You may either follow it full-time or half-time according to your schedule, as both options are available at most educational institutes. 

3. Internship

It is not necessarily required to have done an internship to become an HR manager like Au Chat Kwan, or any other professional in the said field. However, for a newbie, it is advised to consider following up an HR-related internship to gain work experience- which is a necessary qualification for finding a career. Having completed a considerable number of hours as an intern has a great chance of adding value to your CV. 

4. Work Experience

Work experience has more weight at present, compared to paper qualifications. The job market looks for those who are capable of managing a working environment, thus having at least several years of work experience, and good reviews from your former workplaces would easily attract headhunters. Especially, if you are targeting a manager position, you need to showcase your skills and talents in managing the work. 

5. Certifications 

Apart from the above qualifications, you can get yourself certified by following a valid programs offered by recognized institutes, organizations like the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), or HR Certification Institute. This can add more credibility to your knowledge of HR-related work, and uplift your position. 

How to become a successful HR professional?

Being a successful HR professional takes a lot more than degrees and recommendation letters. Looking at Au Chat Kwan- an excellent HR manager, we can learn a bunch of qualities that an HR professional should possess. He is extremely passionate about his work, and is always willing to work with people despite power dynamics. His keen eye on people’s personalities beneath their appearance, integrity, and strategic mind are the assets that make him a leading character in HR management. 

Au Chat Kwan as a HR Manager

Au Chat Kwan is a leading professional in HR and many other fields with years and years of experience. Facing countless challenges, Au has been fostering an extremely healthy, and efficient working environment throughout his career. He believes in kindness, empathy, and compassion to fill the gap between different power dynamics. His goal is to educate and monitor the younger generation to become excellent professionals in HR management.