08 Distinctive Features of Luxury Furniture

modern furniture

There is a whole other world of furniture where several types of home décor accessories exist. This diversity in furniture is increasing day by day. When you are buying furniture, it solely depends on your preferences and your taste in home décor. Everybody wants their furniture to be perfect and eye-catching. Especially with luxury european furniture, there are several notable features that make it a luxury.

Luxury furniture has some distinctive and decorative designs which make it stand out. It does not necessarily have to be luxurious only. It can also be minimalistic, modern, or even simple if you want. But you see some components appear luxurious and glamorous when you see them. Following are some interesting features of luxury furniture that mark them as luxury.

Luxury modern furniture

This category and style of furniture are different from elegant and contemporary pieces in so many ways. You know it when you look at a luxurious style home décor. Some of the main decorative features which you must have seen in every type of luxury furniture are:

  1. Floral designs
  2. Gold foiling touch
  3. Geometric designs
  4. Its shine
  5. Curvy edges
  6. Engraved decorated glass
  7. Usage of LED lights
  8. Artistic knobs

1. Floral designs:

Along with fine symmetrical lines, luxury furniture mostly has some floral designs engraved in the wood. The frame of a sofa set, an armchair, or a luxury bed, always has a floral design in it. These beautiful floral patterns add luxurious elements to the furniture. Not only this but also drawings are added to the wood too, which looks artistic and beautiful.

2. Gold foiling touch:

This is one of the most distinctive decorative features of luxury furniture. This style of furniture is known for its golden touch. The golden foiling is done to the frame of the furniture. The floral patterns are also foiled with a golden texture for an informal gold touch. Therefore the golden paint or the foil adds more luxury to it. It helps to differentiate between simple modern furniture and luxury ones.

3. Geometric designs:

The geometric designs and patterns have been added recently to luxury furniture. It is considered modern luxury furniture. For instance, embellished floral patterns were common in this type of furniture but geometrical patterns are added these days on personal demand. It gives a classy, trendy, and stylish look to the whole room. Similarly, it looks unique and artistic.

4. Its shine:

The lush liquor look is what makes the furniture shine out. The golden foil we talked about previously is responsible for the furniture’s shiny surface. Simply, the way the wood shines is very eye-catching. Therefore, the furniture stands out. The finishing of the wood is the most distinctive component of luxury bedroom furniture. The shine does not necessarily have to be golden. It can be neutral, dull silver, and dull golden.

5. Curvy edges:

Luxury furniture is incomplete without curved edges of the arms and legs of the furniture. This distinctive edging is a skillful matter. The craftsmen do it very elegantly and skillfully. The curved arms and legs of an armchair or a sofa look stunning in a living room. Similarly, the golden finishing adds an alluring texture to it. This feature is included in almost every furniture piece of this category. Therefore, it looks edgy and artistic.

6. Engraved decorated glass:

For wooden furniture, the decoration is not in printed or graphical form. It is usually engraved in the wood of the furniture. Similarly, the glass is also decorated with engraved patterns. The glass of a simple table or a dining table is embellished with gold designs carved in it. It is also a skillful matter for designers to perform. It allows the furniture to appear and feel luxurious.

7. Usage of LED lights:

It is one of the most recently added features in luxury furniture. It has been used before even in simple style wooden furniture. But in luxury, these lights are added mostly to the cupboards. It is not just a decorative element but it is also useful. These lights are usually inside of the wardrobes which in turn increase its usability. Many homeowners try this on purpose.

8. Artistic knobs:

When we are talking about real luxury, unique and antique knobs are a must-have. Real and authentic luxury furniture always has unusual and exceptional handles and knobs. Antique-style handles and knobs are commonly used for doors of wardrobes and dressers. Many people want furniture with antique-style handles and knobs. Like others, it is also a compulsory feature of modern luxury furniture.


If you are looking for real and authentic luxury furniture, this article will serve you the purpose. Above are some distinctive features that tell you what makes furniture luxurious. This style of wooden furniture is different as compared to others in many distinctive ways. Therefore, any regular shiny furniture must not deceive you. Firstly, you should notice the curved edgings and floral engravings to avoid any scams. And secondly, if you wish for a glam look, go for luxury furniture.