Why Do People Like Disposable Plates and Cups?

disposable cups

Disposable cups are the new modern! After all, who wouldn’t use an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional plastic cups and crockery items? We use disposable tableware for convenience. While we’re all trying to stop using plastic, these disposable tablewares are a reliable alternative to the cause.

On the contrary, disposable plates and cups are better than using glass tableware when the guest list is very high. So, when it comes to using disposable crockery items, they’re one of the best innovations of recent times. But, what exactly are they? And why do people prefer them over other contemporary measures?

Let’s find it out with this blog piece of ours!

What is Disposable Tableware?

Disposable tableware means plates and cups that are used for dining and also used as food packaging. Disposable tableware is easy to decompose. Disposable tableware is mainly used for significant events like weddings, funerals, birthdays, etc. Disposable tableware is for one-time use.

Disposable cups are manufactured from tablecloths, coated paper, placemats, etc. Foam dishes and paper tableware are also considered disposable tableware. Based on comfort, economy, and environment, disposable tableware is no. 1. Now, you might get into thinking about why to choose disposable tableware.

Well, let’s continue reading to discuss the reasons to choose disposable tableware. Disposable tableware is pocket-friendly as well. Plastic plates and cups are also considered disposable tableware, but our regular use is reducing at a decreasing rate.

Reasons Why People Prefer Disposable Tableware:

1. Manufactured through renewable products:

Disposable tableware is mostly made from renewable materials. These renewable materials are easy to decompose. Some of these materials are sugar cane, potato starches, corn, paper, etc. Most of the paper plates and cups are made by plants. If you ever travel to the southern part of India, you will see that the residents there use the leaves of banana trees as plates.

2. Affordable scheme:

As we mentioned earlier, you can save money through disposable plates and cups. If you are hosting an event and noticing that the expense is going a bit too far, you can substitute your tableware with disposable tableware. You will save a lot of money through this. Disposable tableware is better than renting fancy-looking porcelain tableware used multiple times, whereas disposable tableware is for one-time use.

3. Save water:

You can reduce the damage of water pollution as well. Not only at events, if you use disposable tableware at home, but you can also save so much water. Suppose you are using steel or ceramic tableware as your daily use at home, and you have to wash them after every use, but every time you use disposable tableware, you just have to dispose of them after every use. You don’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning them, but you must make sure that you throw them somewhere they can decompose properly. They are very convenient this way.

4. Zero chemical contact:

We all know that nowadays, harmful chemicals are on the way to becoming extinct when the usage of disposable tableware starts to win against plastic materials. It is so because disposable materials do not liberate chemical components like dioxin and Biphenyl A, like plastic, does. We fully have not accomplished our goal, but we are achieving our destination to make our world a better place with each person’s effort.

5. Waste reduction:

The proportion of plastic waste has been reduced since the usage of disposable paper tableware. You may notice that our fields are not filled with plastic as much as they used to be. Disposable tableware is easy to decompose, unlike plastic pouring into the ocean and our mother nature. Hence, once again, disposable tableware is better for our environment. Disposable materials can be decomposed but plastic material can’t be decomposed.


If you think that all the disposable plates look alike, then you are wrong. You can find several disposable plates and cups on the web. If you choose fancy tableware because of the looks, they try to cut down some costs as there are places worldwide that provide disposable tableware with different designs with colors that you will like.

Some of these might even defeat fancy tableware by its looks. With the technology change, we have to look at the bigger picture of convenience and the environment. We have shortlisted the five most important reasons why people choose disposable tableware, and now so can you.