All You Need To Know About NBA Player Austin Rivers’ Wife


NBA player Austin Rivers comes from a family of athletes who play basketball and volleyball. They are known as the sports family in America. Born to a basketball coach, Austin’s siblings are basketball and volleyball players, which is not surprising. While people know about their professional careers, they don’t know much about their private lives. For example, some people don’t know Austin Rivers wife.

Who is Austin Rivers?

Born in 1992 in Colorado, River Austin is also an American, like his current wife. He plays basketball for the NBA and has achieved more success in his career. His dating life is something many of his fans are curious about. That is why it is not surprising to hear words like who is Austin Rivers wife?

All About Austin

Austin’s Educational Background

Austin went to high school in America and graduated. Then he proceeded to Duke University to obtain his first degree. As a university student, Austin played for his Varsity team and was given the ACC rookie of the year award. Not only that, he won many awards with his teammates, including the NABC all American honor and the ACC award. He also won a gold medal at the FIBA 2010 under 18 championships in America.

Austin’s Net Worth

Austin is worth millions of dollars. His income mostly comes from his NBA career.

Austin’s Parents

Austin is a California-born professional basketball player. Austin’s father is a professional NBA coach called Doc Rivers. Doc was also an ex-professional basketball player during his time. Like his father and siblings, Austin is a professional NBA athlete for his league. In 2015, he made his mark as the first National Basketball Association player to play for his dad.

About Austin Rivers Wife

Cause of their Breakup

Austin Rivers wife is called Audreyana Michelle. Audreyana is a 23-year-old African American model. Audreyana is a well-known model in her industry. She became more popular when she met Austin Rivers. She started dating Austin in 2019 and their relationship sparked controversies.

Professional Life

Michelle was just 16 years old when she worked with many big fashion brands and celebrities. She was also featured in several big magazine shots. Michelle has worked with D&G, Chanel, Prada, and so on. Her beautiful looks with her hazel eyes and brown hair made her stand out. Similarly, Audreyana herself has a huge fanbase, especially on social media, due to her popularity. Additionally, she’s quite famous on Instagram as an Instagram model. She has done many photoshoots for big brands.

Educational History

Audreyana is a very private person and not much is known about her. She doesn’t expose her private life and her family to the media. This is why nobody knows her educational and family history.

Austin Rivers’ Child with Audreyana

Austin Rivers’ second child is with Audreyana Michelle called Reign Rivers. His birth was smooth without any complications. The child is 2 years old and has an older half-brother. Austin has another from his previous relationship with Brittany Hotard who was his longtime girlfriend.

Austin’s Relationship with Brittany Hotard

Brittany Hotard is an American model who was once engaged to Austin Rivers. She and Austin were childhood sweethearts and later got engaged before they broke up. The pair intended to get married once, but Austin got into a relationship with another woman, whom he later married.

About NBA Player Austin Rivers Wife

How did Rivers and Hotard Meet?

Hotard and Rivers met while in high school in 2012. Young Rivers was the head coach, and young Hotard was a cheerleader. The couple fell in love and started dating as high school students. Years later, they had their son, Kayden, in 2018.

After the Birth of Their Son

Hotard and Rivers were happy at their son’s birth. However, things were not rosy and it seemed like everything was going wrong. Hotard’s dream was suddenly cut short by Austin’s break off from the relationship.

What Caused their Breakup?

The reason for the breakup was River’s affair with Audreyana while still engaged to Brittany. The affair was leaked from River’s DMs which caused quite a stir. What made people surprised was that River started having an affair just after Brittany gave birth to River’s son.

Relationship Between Austin’s Family and the Curry family

Austins Family and the Curry family

The Currys and the Rivers are influential people who are especially known for their roles in sports. The Rivers family and the Curry family are known to be close and are extended families. For example, Austin Rivers and Stephen Curry have met on the court and have also developed personal relationships. What’s more, Stephen’s sibling, Seth, and Austin’s sibling, Callie, got married to each other, making them in-laws.


Finally, even though the circumstances of Austin and his wife’s relationship are quite controversial, his fans wish him well. Yet, there are still some people who have reservations about Austin Rivers wife. But it seems the pair don’t care and live their lives as they see fit.