Unveiling the Mystery of Pamela Anderson’s Enigmatic Ex-Husband: Dan Hayhurst

Dan Hayhurst-Pamela Andersons Ex-Husband

The pandemic brought forth, in a whirlwind of love, the marriage between Pamela Anderson and Dan Hayhurst on Christmas Eve 2020. After a little over a year of matrimony, Anderson filed for divorce in January 2022 as an insider revealed that “Pamela loves as authentically as she lives” and her relationship with Dan gradually fizzled out.

At the time of their union, Anderson expressed her bliss to the Daily Mail: “I’m exactly where I need to be – in the arms of a man who truly loves me.” Hayhurst, who served as Anderson’s bodyguard before then, lived locally on Vancouver Island when the two met during the coronavirus lockdown in 2020.

They Met when Dan Hayhurst was Working on her House

According to a source, Pamela Anderson began dating Dan Hayhurst in September 2020 after having been together for some time. Throughout the pandemic, they remained together, and Hayhurst helped Anderson with the renovations of her home on Vancouver Island. He worked as her bodyguard also.

The couple later confirmed on a British talk show that they had met while Hayhurst was working on Anderson’s house. In the interview, which took place from their bed, the newlyweds seemed happy and content.

Pamela Anderson’s Marriage History

Pamela Andersons Marriage History

Pamela Anderson has been married multiple times throughout her life. Her first husband was Tommy Lee, whom she famously married in 1995 after only knowing each other for four days. They have two sons together, Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger, but divorced in 1998.

After her divorce from Tommy Lee, Anderson married and divorced Kid Rock in 2006. She then went on to marry Rick Solomon twice, in 2007 and 2013, with both marriages ending in divorce.

In 2020, Anderson briefly married film producer Jon Peters for a total of 12 days, although their marriage was never made official as they never filed the necessary paperwork. Overall, Dan Hayhurst was Anderson’s fourth husband in her eventful marital history.

Dan Hayhurst is a Builder 

Dan Hayhurst is a Builder 

Dan Hayhurst, a hardworking builder, was thanked by RASTA Sanctuary, a farm animal sanctuary located in Chemainus, Canada, for his generous work towards the sanctuary in late 2020. Several pictures of Hayhurst and Pamela Anderson, his wife, were shared on Instagram by the sanctuary as a way to express their gratitude for the couple’s contribution to the sanctuary.

In a post shared before their Christmas Eve wedding, the sanctuary expressed their gratitude towards the couple and thanked them for their generosity. The sanctuary also mentioned that Pamela surprised them by generously covering the cost of the cement needed for the construction of their new barn.

Furthermore, the sanctuary praised Dan Hayhurst for his excellent coordination and hard work in managing and getting the construction work done. The couple’s kindness and thoughtfulness were highly appreciated by the RASTA Sanctuary, where Dan Hayhurst was working as a builder.

Dan Hayhurst age, Nationality and Profession

Dan Hayhurst is a well-known builder and contractor born in Canada, but his true birth date remains unknown. According to sources, he was born between the years of 1976-1980, which means in 2023, he will be between the ages of 43- 48 years old.

Dan spent his early years in Canada, where he completed his basic and further education at a reputable Canadian institution. After finishing his studies, he pursued his passion for building and construction and started working as a builder.

With his skills and dedication, Dan has earned a reputation as a prominent builder and contractor in Canada. He has been involved in various projects, including his recent work with RASTA Sanctuary, a farm animal sanctuary in Chemainus, Canada, where he made significant contributions towards the construction of a new barn.

Despite his undisclosed birth date, Dan Hayhurst’s exceptional skills and contributions to the building and construction industry have earned him a distinguished reputation in Canada.

The Divorce 

Pamela and Dan’s ‘pandemic romance’ came to an abrupt end in January 2022, after they had only been married for a little over a year. An exclusive source told The Sun that Pamela made the difficult decision to file for divorce, despite the fact that she had fallen deeply in love with Dan at first sight.

The source continued: “She realized that the pandemic had granted her an unprecedented opportunity to get to know Dan intimately, and sadly this knowledge led her to realize their relationship was not meant to be. It was definitely not due to any other women in his past.”

Though it broke her heart, Pamela knew it was time to part ways. She is never afraid of following her heart, whether it leads her down the aisle or straight into a divorce lawyer’s office – and right now, it was taking her there.

The source exclusively told The Sun that Pamela “doesn’t regret” her pandemic love story gone wrong and she’s “moving on”. They added that she’s experienced an “unfortunate pattern of picking men with negative baggage”. Apparently, after living with him for over two years, she realized he wasn’t the man she’d hoped. But she’s still open to future relationships and marriage; she loves love and is a free spirit. Right now, she’s happy spending quality time with her sons in Malibu – Brandon and Dylan from her first marriage to Tommy Lee.