Detailing & Top 5 features of ChartLogic EHR in 2021

Top 5 features of ChartLogic EHR in 2021

ChartLogic is a fully integrated electronic health record (EHR) solution that makes clinical processes more efficient and guarantees a paperless workflow. Primary treatment, surgical care, and other complex fields of medicine are all covered by ChartLogic EHR Software.

ChartLogic offers a highly user-friendly interface that streamlines your tasks. Along with that, the dashboard assists you in comfortably navigating around it. The software has a fast learning curve that allows you to easily navigate through its various features, saving you time finding out how to use it and moving from one feature to the next.

The key features of ChartLogic EHR Software include custom notes models, dashboards, voice dictation, electronic prescribing, laboratories, and much more.  It also works with ChartLogic’s medical software suite, including practice management, patient portal, and revenue management technologies. ChartLogic is ideal for independent medical practitioners, small and midsized hospitals and can be deployed on-premises or through the web.

Top 5 Features of ChartLogic EHR Software

ChartLogic’s EHR Software is designed for speed and reliability, allowing you and your practice to spend less time fumbling with complicated software and more time with patients. The top 5 features of ChartLogic EHR Software include the following.

Practice Management System 

A practice management system is essential for a healthcare setup. It allows you to manage the day-to-day operations, such as appointment scheduling, billing, and other administrative tasks. ChartLogic offers an integrated Practice Management System that enables you to streamline your workflow efficiently.

The flexible appointment scheduler in ChartLogic practice management highlights time slots available for each provider. Patients can reserve a slot for themselves, and the software ensures that no issues arise during scheduling. 

You also get access to a summary of each registered patient’s demographic details, appointment history, and family structure.  Altogether, the ChartLogic practice management system aids in the management of administrative tasks such as registration and scheduling, eligibility and verification, claims, billings, collections, and user dashboards and reports. 

Voice Dictation

Another significant feature of ChartLogic EHR Software is voice dictation, which enables you and other healthcare professionals to enter data and move through the tool using voice commands. The use of the voice-dictation feature removes the need for manual data entry, which can be time-consuming. This efficient feature enables you to complete patient records and charting while on the go.

You can automate your regular clinical operations, from patient registration to final billing, electronically. The software comes with pre-built templates for prescriptions, reporting, and billing that you can personalize to meet your needs.

Revenue Cycle Management

This Cycle Management is critical because it helps you monitor patient revenue from their first appointment or experience with the healthcare system to their final balance payment. Revenue Cycle Management assists you in maintaining financial viability while still promoting high-quality patient care.

ChartLogic improves your financial performance through its revenue cycle management. The software handles the claims process and gives you access to accurate financial information. ChartLogic also manages the billing and invoice delivery process to maximize your financial results. 

ChartLogic also assists with patient registration and scheduling, insurance eligibility verification, claims scrubbing, invoice posting, billing, and collections, among other things. With the appropriate follow-up and prompt payment notifications, final bills can be exchanged directly with patients on their portal.


Patient protection has never been more critical than in these times of pandemic.  Uncertainty, and as the future of healthcare beyond COVID-19 starts to take shape. Patients’ health and progress depend on their ability to receive prescriptions, and e-Prescribing enables you and pharmacies to do so digitally.

The advantages of e-Prescribing include increased patient safety and reduced chances of handwriting errors. e-Prescribing allows you to interact effectively with pharmacies to fulfill requests and ensure the effective administration of controlled substances


Telemedicine is a virtual medical service that is an excellent substitute for in-person appointments. You can arrange an online meeting with your patient via ChartLogic’s telemedicine service.

You can use ChartLogic Telehealth to create video rooms from the ChartLogic Patient Portal, which patients can then enter for a virtual assessment. Patients can easily access the Portal and participate in active, stable remote environments with their doctors. Patients who cannot afford to come in person can benefit from telemedicine.

Telehealth enables you and your patients to communicate in remarkable ways over long distances. It allows the practice to visit with patients in a way that helps to prevent the spread of diseases by isolating sick patients.

Final Thoughts about ChartLogic EHR Software

ChartLogic EHR Software is one of the top EHR Software that helps with visual charting and record-keeping, among other things. It is perfect for practices of any scale, and the price is also at the lower end of the EHR pricing range. 

We have provided you with a complete breakdown of the top 5 features of ChartLogic EHR Software. This detailed analysis can help you decide whether ChartLogic is suitable for your setup.