Health and Summer: Ten Things to do this Season!

Health and Summer: Ten Things to do this Season!
Health and Summer: Ten Things to do this Season!

After the long and lazy winter, summer has finally arrived. While some people deeply adore this season, there are others, who just can’t stand even the thought of it. After all, who likes getting sweaty under the heat of the sun?

But those, who dislike this season, must understand its benefits; there can be no other season in which you can enjoy chilled soft drinks or awesome mocktails with your friends!

If you are heart health-conscious, you may be wondering about the different things that you can during summers.

Here is a schedule of the top ten things:

  • Lose weight and get in better shape:

The best thing about this season is that it becomes easy for you to lose weight. The harder you work and work-work out quicker you can get rid of all the extra calories in your body. If you have been procrastinating hitting the gym or starting with the regular workouts, this is the best season for you to start the same.

  • Start with protein powder to build muscles:

While protein doesn’t serve the purpose during winters, it works miraculously on your body during summers. If you want to have a tight and muscular body, this is the only thing that you need. Start with the best protein powder in town and see the difference in yourself.

  • Go out to buy good and soft cotton clothes for yourself:

The season of summer brings a lot of colors, shades, and accessories to the market; but the best thing is that you get the softest cotton t-shirts during these months. Get some of the smoothest clothes for yourself to protect your skin.

  • Resolve to decrease the use of phone and increase physical activities:

We all are addicted to our phones these days, aren’t we? There is absolutely nothing that you don’t get to do on your phone; however, there’s one thing that it doesn’t allow you to do – dedicate time to yourself. This season, keep your cell phone aside and bring in all the physical activities that you have been thinking to do!

  • Eat all the things that you wish to, for you know you are going to burn the calories:

Eat, eat and eat all the things that you have been avoiding! I don’t tell you to eat junk or ugly food, but you can surely grab a bite of your favorite chocolates, cookies, and other such things, since you kick off all the calories from your body, very easily!

  • Eat more than just one ice cream in a day:

If you are fond of ice creams, this is the only season that can let you eat all the ice creams that you have been wanting to. From chocolate chip cookies to plain vanilla ice creams, grab two to three ice creams every day and just work out a bit to burn the extra calories off your body.

  • Improve your vision by star gazing:

Stars shine brightly during summers; if you want to improve your vision or relax your mind, sit on the green grass at night and watch the beauty of the stars. Let them twinkle and shine upon you to make your eyes glow in their beauty.

  • Make and drink lemon juice every day:

Lemon juice, with or without sugar and salt, improves your metabolic rate and keeps you hydrated in summers. Even if you go to work, don’t forget to carry your bottle of lemonade!

  • Go for a picnic with fruits in the basket:

basket of all the fruits that you like and go out to a picnic with your friends or partner.

  • Start practicing meditation and Yoga in the morning:

Meditation is good for both genders; sit under the morning sunrays and meditate for around 30 minutes, every day. Before meditating, practice two to three Yoga Asanas to keep yourself fit and healthy.