Surrogacy for Old Couples

old couples

Men and women around the world are struggling hard to upgrade their economic positions for a secured and better future that makes some of them late in making a family as the clock is running mercilessly without any pause. But from the perspective of fertility, the chances of being pregnant start slowing down for women after the age of thirty-five. In modern societies, many old and older couples are increasingly leaning towards surrogacy as a means of starting a family. There are numerous great women in the US, Europe, and Asia who have taken surrogacy as their mission and passion. Here are guidelines about surrogacy for old couples.

Surrogacy Story of an Old Couple in India

In 2017, a managed 63 years and his wife aged 58 years with diabetes, blood pressure, several heart problems, and obesity successfully became parents of a healthy child through surrogacy though the child was born prematurely. In their age and health conditions reported by several tests, all the ways to have a baby were impossible according to the doctors except adopting or surrogacy. The wife was not reluctant to adopt, and so she convinced her husband to surrogacy, and then they became happy biological parents of a healthy baby.

Surrogacy Story of an Old Couple in the UK

In 2018, an old couple of 65 and 63 in England became parents through the service of a generous surrogate mother and became the oldest parents in Britain through surrogacy. They spent more than 100,000 pounds on that surrogate to make the surrogacy process successful. However, social services in the UK expressed their deep concern about the wellbeing of the baby because the age and physical conditions of the old couple are not dependable enough for properly taking care of the baby.

Why Surrogacy is a Perfect Choice for Old Couples

Surrogacy is still the least talked though the most effective way of having a child for the old couples as infertility in both women and men is common in their old age. Why the surrogates do carry a baby of other people for about nine months or so and why they undergo the pain and sufferings of giving birth and everything throughout the process is not all about money. The intended parents including the old couples who need to become parents in their old age should educate themselves about the psychological and emotional sacrifices of the surrogates. And, if any old couple can decide the right choice of accepting surrogacy as their way, they can rather save surrogacy costs (leihmutterschaft kosten) by choosing a reputed surrogacy agency instead of rarely spending for a surrogate and what includes by their own way.

According to the World Health Organization, men who can be said older or elderly to become a father of a newborn is age 65. When intended parents are old couples, they are more likely to struggle in the state of infertility than other intended parents. They have almost no chances to go through fertility treatment themselves, especially the female counterparts of the old couples become unable to produce children because of the rapid physical changes in them like the ceasing of the process in them of discharging blood and other materials from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty. Almost seven million women in the US have used infertility services so far. And, about one-third of all infertility cases in the US are not women, rather the low-quality sperms and other various problems of the reproductive organs of men. Among these groups of women and men, old couples are the majority who suffer from infertility. Many of them are finding a good solution through surrogacy increasingly. These guidelines about surrogacy for old couples might help to make your journey easier.