The Mental Health Pandemic in Australia

Mental Health

A lot has happened since 2019 and not much of it was beneficial to anyone, especially here in Australia, with many people losing their income, not to mention the alarming all-cause mortality numbers (I wonder what caused that?). The Australian government seem hell-bent on creating a dystopian nightmare and people are suffering, which is why we feel there is another pandemic, one of mental health.

Loss of income

Money makes the world go round and without the green stuff, life can be very stressful. When the head of a family loses their job, it has an impact on every member of that family. We have to be thankful for organisations like Connecting Mental Health that put mental health counsellors in touch with those who are in need of help. These essential services can be delivered remotely thanks to platforms like Zoom. Visit their website to see how easy the process is.

Health crisis

The huge white elephant in the room is the alarming rise in sickness in Australia and when you are not feeling your best, this can take its toll on your mental health. Physical and mental health & well-being are connected and without some form of support, life can be stressful. The healthcare sector is being stretched to its limits and the demand for mental health counsellors is growing fast. Suicide rates have never been higher and the future is looking bleak.

How does online mental health counselling work?

If you feel you would like to talk to a qualified counsellor, it couldn’t be any easier with online platforms that connect mental health professionals with people in need of their services. The great thing about this service is location is not important. Indeed, many Australians who live in rural areas take advantage of online counselling.

When you make contact, you will be asked to download and install the VoIP software, which is probably Zoom. After you set up your webcam and mic, have a few video calls with friends to familiarise yourself with the platform and how it works. Once you have connected with a counsellor, it is just a question of arranging a date and time for the session. If you have yet to try yoga for ways to benefit.

Range of experts

A certified therapist who specialises in the following;

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Relationship therapy
  • Narrative therapy
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Low self-worth
  • Internal family systems

Another great thing about online counselling is the flexibility. The schedule can be set around your lifestyle and it is easy to postpone or cancel a session using the online system.

Stigma of mental health

The one positive we can draw from this is that the age-old stigma surrounding mental health is gradually being eroded. Men need to talk about mental health and it certainly is not a sign of weakness to have mental health issues. The media are doing their bit by covering mental health and if you are struggling and are worried about the implications of consulting a counsellor, everything is confidential and you are communicating with the therapist on a secure network.

Alcohol and drug abuse

People tend to self-medicate when depressed, being in an altered state of mind allows a person to temporarily forget their problems and alcohol or medication can quickly become a crutch and that leads to addiction. Some people can function when self-medicating but eventually, it catches up and has a negative impact on your life.

If you have developed a habit and are losing control, search online for a leading Australian mental health platform where you can book an online consultation with a healthcare professional who helps people with addiction problems.

Relationship problems

When a person has mental health issues, it usually affects their relationship with their partner and other family members, which causes tension to build up. With professional help and guidance, both you and your partner can reach a higher level of understanding and joint sessions are the best possible way to achieve results.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain

If you are stressed out all the time and it is affecting your sleep, diet and life in general, why not try talking to a counsellor? You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain and with an online platform that connects people with relevant mental health professionals, you can start to receive beneficial therapy.

Professional development

Such a platform also offers online training for mental health counsellors to help them develop new skills. This is an important aspect of the profession and if you are a life-long learner who wants to hone your professional skills, there are solutions.

Due to a huge rise in mental health issues, digital platforms that connect people with mental health counsellors and therapists are playing a vital role.