Medicine Ball Starbucks : Relief From Cold or Flu-Like Symptoms

Medicine Ball Starbucks

A “Medicine Ball” is a popular drink at Starbucks. It is made from a mixture of hot tea, honey, lemon and ginger and is said to relieve cold or flu-like symptoms. The drink is often referred to as the “Miracle Ball” or “Healing Ball,” as it is said to have a health-promoting and soothing taste. The exact ingredients and preparation of the medicine ball can vary depending on the location, but it usually consists of a combination of hot tea, honey, lemon and ginger.

The Medicine Ball Starbucks enjoys a reputation among customers as a miracle treatment. How to order it in all its delicious glory, you can learn here.

There are a few times of the year, namely cold and flu season, COVID -19, and allergy season, when we all wake up and do not feel as good as usual. Feeling a little unwell at any time of year is never a pleasant experience. This is true for everyone, no matter how often you have a runny nose or a cold.

The good news is that there’s a simple remedy for feeling just a little bit better that goes beyond popping throat lozenges or swallowing as much soothing soup as your stomach can handle: the Medicine Ball Starbucks drink.

You can get a little snack that will really make you feel better for longer than it takes you to get the drink if you go to your local Starbucks and order what many people call the Medicine Ball Drink. You can get this drink at any Starbucks location.

Many people who enjoy drinking Starbucks beverages count the Medicine Ball Starbucks among their personal favorites. If you have not had a chance to try it yet, you should do so as soon as possible.

Ingredients of the Medicine Ball Starbucks

Ingredients of the Medicine Ball Starbucks

Due to its popularity, the baristas at Starbucks may refer to it by its proper name, which is Honey Citrus Mint Tea. Looking at the list of ingredients, it’s not hard to see why:

  • Lemonade, made by steaming.
  • Hot water
  • Green tea jade citrus mint
  • Peach tea for calmness and serenity
  • Honey

The combination of lemon, which is known to soothe the throat, and green tea, which is said to have many health benefits, makes perfect sense from a health perspective. When you are not feeling well, a sip of a warm drink can give you a boost of energy and help you feel better.

Instructions on How to Order a Medicine Ball Starbucks

You can order the Starbucks medicine ball either at the drive-thru or at the store itself. You can either spell out the ingredients so the barista can look them up, or ask for a honey citrus mint tea like we did if they are not sure.

You read that right: The Medicine Ball can now be ordered from the classic Starbucks menu.

You can also order a Honey Citrus Mint Tea through the Starbucks app and then just drop by when it’s ready. It’s that simple. Of course, you have to make sure you know what size you want.

Investigating the Medicine Ball Starbucks

Medicine Ball tea is an excellent drink. It’s delicious. Since we like peaches and they are undoubtedly the predominant flavor, it was an instant hit with me.

It also masked the sharpness of the green tea and made the aftertaste almost pleasant. It was definitely a relief to take a break from the weather outside, and every sip feels like being hugged by someone.

However, the peach flavor is so strong that it completely overpowers the other components, so if you are not a peach lover, you really should not try this tea. Also, the sweetness might be too much. Even if you have a big sweet tooth, we had to drink the Venti over a period of halfan hour to cope with the amount of sugar.

Still, we would buy it again, although we think it would benefit from a hefty dose of mint to provide some balance.

Examining the Medicine Ball Starbucks

The Medicine Ball tea is an excellent beverage. It is delicious. Because we like peaches and because it is unquestionably the predominant taste, it was an instant success with me.

Also, it covered up the harshness of the green tea, making the aftertaste almost pleasant. It was certainly a relief to take a break from the weather outdoors, and each sip feels like you’re getting a warm embrace from someone.

But the peach taste is so strong that it completely overwhelms the other components, so if you’re not a lover of peaches, you really shouldn’t try this. The sweetness may also be too much. Even if you have a big sweet tooth, we found that we had to drink the venti over a half-hour period to handle the amount of sugar.

Having said that, we would still purchase it again despite the fact that we believe it would benefit from a hefty dose of mint to provide some equilibrium.

If you have a cold or the flu, will the Medicine Ball Starbucks help you feel better?

If you suspect you have a cold or flu, you should make an appointment with your primary care physician or other trusted healthcare professional (or if you have symptoms that accompany one). In short, there is no drink that can instantly cure a cold or flu. However, some medical professionals believe that a Medicine Ball Starbucks can help relieve some symptoms. The reasons are as follows: Honey, lemon, and hot liquids are known to be effective natural cures for coughs.

Vitamin C is important for keeping the immune system healthy, and lemon is a good source of this vitamin.

Starbucks medicine ball will not stop or cure your cold, but it might relieve some of the symptoms and help you stay hydrated if you choose to use it. In short, the Starbucks medicine ball contains elements that are beneficial to your health; but like any other meal or drink, you should not expect it to be a cure-all.

DIY Instructions to Recreate the Starbucks Medicine Ball at Home.

DIY Instructions to Recreate the Starbucks Medicine Ball at Home

Follow these steps to recreate the Starbucks Medicine Ball at home.

Step 1: Brew 12 ounces of hot water in a tea kettle, then add one bag each of Teavana Jade Citrus Mint and Teavana Peach Tranquility tea.

Step 2: Pour eight to twelve ounces of hot lemonade into a large mug (Starbucks steams its lemonade, but you just need to heat it, which you can do on your stove or by mixing room-warm lemonade with the hot tea water if you don’t mind making the drink a little less hot).

Step 3: Drizzle the drink with honey.



You can assume that a client’s invention that makes it onto the official menu must be exceptional in some way. But you won’t know for sure until you try the Medicine Ball or Cold Buster for yourself. If you’re ever feeling under the weather, try the Starbucks Medicine Ball drink, and you may soon feel much better than you did before.