How to Lose Weight with Fat Burn vs Cardio

fat burn vs cardio

Weight Loss

The fat burn vs cardio debate has been ongoing for the past few years among fitness experts and enthusiasts.

To know which one is better, our website has explained what cardio and fat burn are all about below.

Cardio is an aerobic exercise that increases the heart rates of those who do the exercises. These exercises also increase respiration, blood, and oxygen flow in an individual.

Cardio works when the body breathes in oxygen during workouts. A person working out usually breathes in and out deeper and faster than usual. This results in blood vessel expansion to bring in enough oxygen to the bones. Thereafter, the individual releases endorphins in the system. Endorphins are chemical substances in the body that are in charge of mood regulation.

Cardio is good for preventing heart-related ailments. It reduces excess weight.

Examples include:

  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Rope jumping
  • Cycling

To burn fat is to hit a balance between high and low-intensity workouts. Energy plus oxygen are the key ingredients in muscle-building during exercise. If you work out regularly, you need these two in abundance.

Fat Burn VS Cardio

  • Fat burn is a less aggressive workout routine, while cardio workouts are highly intensive.
  • Fat burn exercises raise the heartbeat to 50 percent of the recommended heartbeat rate. While cardio exercises raise the heartbeat to a much faster tempo.
  • Fat burn lowers fat in the system, while cardio needs oxygen and energy to do this.
  • Fat burn is a slow fat-burning process. On the other hand, when you do cardio, you lose weight faster than other methods.

Weight Loss Reduction Methods

The Use Stored Fat Belly Burner

A stored fat belly burner is specially made for people to manage their body fat. The core ingredients of most stored fat belly burner supplements are Sinetrol. These are used after careful medical studies were carried out on their usage. Sinetrol metabolizes fat which in turn facilitates weight reduction. In addition, the fat belly burner also consists of natural fruits.

There is some fat in certain parts of the body that stubbornly refuses to go away. It is not easy to get rid of fat in these areas. Therefore, people use stored fat belly burner products to burn out the fat in these parts.

In addition, these products stimulate the breakdown of triglycerides in the adipocytes using catabolism, the breakdown of which releases fatty acids that are not needed by the body. The released fat is then reduced by Sinetrol to give you a healthier body.

In short, the belly burner breaks down excess fat in the body. These products are becoming popular among fitness enthusiasts and those who want to lose weight.

Brief History

It was discovered nearly six years ago when a team of five researchers showed their research to the world. Their research journey was written in a journal. While conducting the research, the scientists realized that Sinetrol significantly reduced fat in the belly. Fat in other stubborn areas was also reduced. It was further revealed that when Sinetrol was mixed with natural fruits and fruit extracts, it reduced more fat. The fat-burning result was faster than expected. The liquid-like products were easier to take, which makes it easy for the body to absorb the product.

Uses of stored fat belly burner

Helps in stimulating metabolism: As stated earlier, Sinetrol helps in fat metabolism, which helps to reduce weight.

Helps Digestion: Stored fat belly burner helps users absorb vital nutrients into their bodies. It has natural fruits, like citrus and grapes. Users also receive vitamins and minerals that are good for their health.

Helps in Catabolism: The product stimulates lipolysis and helps to break down unused fat in the cells. Then, the fat is reduced in the body. A person who uses this product will have a healthy system.

By Using Hydrating Fat Burner

It is a supplement that is taken by the user into their body to use in reducing body fat and keeping hydrated at the same time. Hydrating fat burner needs to be taken regularly to achieve these results. It is especially good for those who are dehydrated and want to reduce their weight. This means that when you are hydrated while on a diet, the water in your body will be enough.

Hydrating fat burners have hydrating and weight-loss ingredients that are flavorful and useful. The user takes the product by mixing it inside water and drinking it. Additionally, this product is for those who wish to maintain lean bodies, decrease fatty acids, and lose weight.

You can Do push-ups to burn fat

Contrary to popular opinions, people who do push-ups burn fat. Many might not believe this, but it is true. Push-ups if effectively utilized build healthy muscles. They can also help people in their weight reduction journey. While push-ups burn fat, they do not increase the heart rate, which assists in weight loss. Hence, weight loss experts do not choose this option. This means that for those who wish to burn fat quickly, push-ups are not the answer. But if they want an exercise that can slowly burn fat, then they can do push-ups to burn fat.

Notwithstanding, push-ups are good exercising techniques for an overall healthy body. They help in building strong muscles and in giving strength to the body. These will aid you in your weight loss journey. Lean muscles have an increased resting metabolic rate than accumulated fat. That is, when a muscle is at a resting stage, it burns higher calories than body fat. Therefore, the greater your muscle mass, the greater your metabolism is at a resting stage.

For example, if you do weekly push-ups and gain some muscle mass, you get to burn more calories. Then those muscles increase your metabolic rate and lose weight.


In a fat burn vs cardio debate, fitness experts choose cardio as their preferred form of exercise. This is because it is faster and more effective than the fat burn method. But whichever method you use, be consistent so that you can get a good result.

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