A Guide to the Different Colors of Braces

best braces colors

It can be hard to pick the best braces colors if you don’t know what your options are. After all, you want your bands to be functional and protect your teeth from further damage, but you also want them to be beautiful! Here are the most popular colors of braces and how they look on different types of teeth so that you can decide which ones are right for you and your smile.

What are the best color options?

The best color options vary from patient to patient, but in general it’s best to go with a brighter color for your braces. Since you’ll likely be wearing them for over a year, you might as well pick something you won’t get sick of seeing. If we had to recommend just one color, we’d say choose anything outside of an extreme red or yellow. Those colors are hard on your eyes and can become tiresome to look at after a while. The following chart breaks down some additional bracing colors and their potential pros and cons. Your orthodontist can provide further information on which is right for you, so don’t forget that last bit!

Should you choose clear or white bands?

If you’re looking for a traditional, conservative aesthetic, choose clear or white bands. Clear bands are less noticeable than other colors and offer an unobtrusive appearance—which is good if you want people to focus on your smile and not your braces. If you do opt for clear bands, be sure to wear colored elastics so that they’re visible—otherwise, it’s easy for people to think you have regular metal brackets. White bands are also less obvious than other colors but tend to show up more easily in photos. Your smile will look brighter in pictures with white bands because they reflect light better.

Blue, pink, and purple

The newest colors in braces bands are trendy and fun, but they may not be a good choice for everyone. Why? Each color has different properties that can impact your experience with braces and your smile long after you take off your retainers. Of course, there’s no wrong or right way to get braces. Some people choose light-colored bands because they work well with their wardrobe, while others choose dark colors because they think it will help them stick to their treatment plan better. You should go with whatever works best for you — but here are a few things you might want to keep in mind if you’re choosing between pink, blue, and purple

Yellow vs. brown vs. gray

Which colors are best for braces? : Brown, yellow and gray are all colors that have a great reputation when it comes to cosmetic orthodontics. As you can see from these examples, both adults and children alike find that wearing color-coordinated braces greatly improves their confidence in terms of smiles and self-image. It’s been proven that attractive dental work can lead directly to an increase in self-esteem and social standing. But don’t just take our word for it—visit your local orthodontist today! The right colors can make all the difference.

Do they change color over time?

Your dentist will make recommendations for what color suits you best when you have your braces fitted, but many people report that their braces don’t maintain their original color after a few weeks. Some people have reported seeing their brackets change to a darker shade in as little as two weeks, but others claim it takes months for noticeable color changes. The speed at which your braces change color depends on factors such as how long they need to be worn, how often you brush and floss them, and any other beauty-care routines that might cause staining (like smoking). That said, if you want your new smile to be bright white from day one, go with clear or light-colored brackets and wires.