Board Certified Autism Technicians – What They Do?

Board certified Autism Technicians

Board-certified Autism Technicians (BCAT) are professionals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) skills who have been trained to the highest standards. The goal is to help children, teens, and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) live a productive and independent life. For companies and organizations, hiring Board Certified Autism Technicians is a cost-effective solution to their staffing needs. They offer many benefits. Below are just a few:

  • Certified Professionals provide work experience for your organization. Board Certified  Autism Technicians can be matched with clients according to their abilities. As a professional with autism Spectrum Disorder, they have training and certifications that are very specific. They are also well versed in the most applied behavior analysis methods and techniques. This means they will be able to help clients understand and organize their thoughts and ideas in a way that is relevant to their daily lives.
  • Highly proficient. A Board Certified Professional with autism has demonstrated an advanced level of competence in this area. They are aware of strategies used to teach the different behaviors associated with ASDs and they are able to teach these strategies in an effective manner. Also, they demonstrate that they are familiar with the methods that are required to implement the four-step consumer safety rule. The Board Certified Professional with autism-specific competency is capable of providing clear and concise direction to clients on all areas related to consumer safety.
  • Extensive training. Once a Board Certified Professional with autism has been hired by a company or organization, they will undergo rigorous training to prepare them to provide the best services possible. During this training, they will learn how to: provide an understanding of the four-step consumer safety rule; demonstrate compliance with the law; provide accurate and effective assessments of client needs; demonstrate effective communication skills in dealing with clients and their disabilities; understand and comply with the requirements of their treatment plans, and assist the persons with disabilities in completing daily activities. The trained Board Certified Professional with autism is also knowledgeable in the application of applied behavior analysis. The Board Certified Professional with autism is the best-qualified health care professional for the job because they are able to deal with all the clients with different needs.
  • Certification by the National Board of Quality Assurance (NBQA) and Commission on

Occupational Health and Safety (COSH). The Board Certified Professional with autism can be a very proud member of their employer’s organization because they are highly skilled and qualified health care professionals that have received the highest level of care and support to help them become Board Certified Professionals with autism. These organizations ensure that the Board Certified Professional with autism receives continual training throughout their career to ensure that they are always up to date on the different developments in the field of applied behavior analysis and to help them provide better services for their clients. This also ensures that these professionals are the best qualified to provide care for their clients.

  • Specialized training in accordance with the Consumer Protection Against Unfair Trading Act(CPUITA). As a Board Certified Professional with autism spectrum disorder, the professional will undergo specialized training that addresses the special needs of their clients with an autism spectrum disorder. They will have to demonstrate their understanding of how behaviors associated with autism spectrum disorder differ from the behaviors associated with any other disorder. They will need to demonstrate that they are aware of the differences between behaviors associated with autism spectrum disorder, such as social, communication, and self-care skills.
  • CPUITA certification. A Board Certified Professional with autism spectrum disorder, who has been board certified by the Certified Social Service Therapist (CST Therapist) board, will receive two separate licenses: one for professional practice and one for patient care under the National Board of Standards (NBS) for Social Work Practice and Consumer Safety. This demonstrates autism-specific competency.
  • Autism Treatment Planning. Providing treatment planning and ongoing guidance to those individuals who suffer from autism spectrum disorder, is a rewarding career for those individuals who are Board Certified professionals with an autism spectrum disorder. This involves the application of theories about behavior, communication, education, social skills, and psychology of autism disorders. This is also a job that will require you to apply theory in real-world settings where the client has autism, requiring great flexibility as to the types of treatment offered and when they are applied.