5 Things to Know Before The Stock Market Opens

5 things Nikit Shingari

As we all know, the commercial market can be quite competitive. Therefore, a strategy should be realigned accordingly. As they say, proper preparation prevents poor performance, there should be pre-market preparation. The stock market in the past few days has been quite unfavorable. Various underlying factors brought about the fluctuation in the stock market. These factors have influenced the stock market and share price in general. The stock market can be volatile. For this reason, there are 5 things you need to know before you start trading the stock market, says Nikit Shingari. Below are the most current news and analysis investors need to know before starting their trade. 

Russian-Ukraine Talk Progress

The Russian-Ukraine war escalated on Sunday as a deadly airstrike was shot on a military base. This affected Ukrainian troops as a conflict were brought close to Poland. Also, an American journalist was killed and another injured, this has proven an international outrage. Investors remained clued on the current state of the Russian-Ukraine and are preparing for a federal decision later in the week. Dow futures started with an opening gain of roughly 280 points and S&P 500 futures have been raised by 0.6%. Nasdaq is not also left behind as it increases slightly. Hopes remain high in the Russian-Ukraine peace talk as a bulletin was passed stating that there are “certain positive development” in their talk with Ukraine. The peace talk between Russia and Ukraine brought about a fall in the price of oil and a rise in the European stock as of Monday. On the other hand, the US Treasury yields increase. 

Blue-chip Dow has been on the negative for five weeks straight, this is its first in the past three years. S&P 500 and Nasdaq have been in red within the past five weeks. In November 2021 Nasdaq had a high record but currently, it is down by nearly 21%. Bond prices also fell on Monday. As Russia and Ukraine are on the fourth round of their peace talk, a statement was also released that Kyiv aimed to secure a cease-fire and a withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. According to Nikit Shingari, it was also stated by the United Nation that about 596 civilians has been killed during this invasion. 

US and China Top Diplomat To Meet

The current development of the Russian-Ukraine war is that Russia has sort help for more military equipment from China So that the war in Ukraine can be sustained. Though Beijing denied the report, for this reason, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has scheduled a meeting with China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi. Sullivan has warned China against helping Russia or they face the consequences. 

Fresh Covid OutBreak In China

Recently in the mainland of China Covid cases have increased, leading to a fresh restriction on business and school activities. This sudden move is to maintain a zero Covid19 strategy. In one of China’s states, non-public businesses have been told to close down and have employees work at home. This directive has negatively impacted Foxconn (an Apple supplier in Shenzhen). Foxconn has announced its factory closure until approval is sent by the government for its opening. Also, shares in China were at loss recently. This was because investors took a step back and decided to analyze the economic outlook. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index had a drop to about 3.64% in morning trade on Tuesday. Nikkei 225 in Japan reached 0.22% while the Topix index increased to 0.75%. South Korea’s Kospi reduces by 0.82%. and the S&P/ASX 200 reduces by 0.87% in Australia.

Spending Expectation and Inflation Lifted By US Consumer

According to the US Federal Reserve survey, money will be spent substantially on food, rent, and gas in the next year. This prediction is based on research on inflation in one to three years. The inflation that was 5.8% as of January increases to 6.0% in February. Some of the setbacks that were experienced in January were a result of the rise in inflation. Consumers in the US are on the lookout for how they can reduce the spending expenses on gas, food, and rent with the current inflation in the country. 

Bank Of England To Lift Bank Rate

During the coronavirus that swept across the world, the bank of England’s record of interest rate was low. But right now, like most central banks it is faced with soaring inflation which is as high as 5.5 in January and is more likely to increase further. As the bank of England continues to exit from pandemic support its bank rate continues to rise and they are almost certain to increase borrowing costs. 


As a stock market investor you need to understand the effect that political events have on your investments. You should always be on the lookout for major news or political talk to make a proper prediction of how markets will likely respond before the market opens. Please note that investments and the securities market can be risky so you should invest and trade with caution. You need to make proper preparation and findings before entering the stock market, says Nikit Shingari. To be a successful investor in the stock market different variables should be put into consideration before making any move in the stock market. Be conversant with news of what is happening around the world.