History and Family of Leather Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are leather outer wears AKA flight jackets. They were brought to emergence by the US Army Aviation Clothing board. These outclass garments were purposely designed to keep the WWI pilots warm and sheltered. They were considered exceptionally functional for open deck and completely exposed military planes at that time.

The sumptuous military jackets progressed to a great extent including Aviation furtherance. These advancements made narrowly confined cockpits having installed automation and modified design. This evolved warplane jacket was named as:-

A1 Bomber Leather Jackets

A1 bomber leather jacket among all the categories of US military jackets. This superlative warm garment includes a button front closure, short length, knit cuffs and waist, and a complimentary fitting. This maintains the insulating effect of the apparel while keeping it modish. These superior properties of the winter garment form the foundation on which today’s trendsetting bomber outer wears in leather are created.

A2 Winter Bomber

A2 winter bomber garments came with further advancements, this time including closure with a classy zipper on the front. It was further amended in structures and layout that gave it a collar and epaulets with ripped cuffs. The jacket was alluring being a successor to the A1 jackets and this characteristic ultimately set higher boundaries for versatile outerwear.

Besides the fact that this magnificent jacket had American military associations, the jacket was composed of perfection along with immense quality which could last a lifetime and it was the sole reason that it was constricted to affluent officers only. For its property which resists freezing temperatures and is lightweight, the jacket was popular for being the first military jacket that served trendy looks.


G1 AKA the Top Gun jacket traces its history back to the M-422 jacket when the outerwear was normalized by the Navy. The garment was named after its exceptional and specific features. The jacket may share the same features as the M-422 jacket but has cropped length that facilitates easy movements of the aircrew when they sit. With each evolution in the technologies, G1 kept making its way forward.

G1 jacket is certainly apparel that will last longer than your expectations. It possesses a genuine mouton fur collar with an inside map pocket knit cuffs and waistband with the addition of hidden pockets inside the flap. The advanced bi-swing back and underarm gusset plate are meant to obtain effortless movements of the wearer. G1 jacket is a faithful reproduction of its own family. While texture and weight of this outerwear own a refined finish.

Mens B3 RAF Flying Fur Aviator Sheepskin Shearling Bomber Jacket

B-3 Bomber Jackets

B-3 Bomber jacket in leather features a practical and comfortable design and they were the first purposely structured jackets for height. The jacket was crafted of sheepskin and heavy fur lining with a bulky collar. While the overall emergence of outerwear did not have the knit waistband like the older leather bombers. There were two leather straps that facilitated the crewmen to adjust the wide collar.

B-3 leather bomber jacket was the first actual bomber jacket of its category. This dense coat could bear frosting temperatures even at extremely high altitudes with exceedingly low temperatures. The bomber jacket is a multifaceted jacket that has a lot to serve and not just volume and warmth. It serves military voguish looks that still uplift its charm and elegance. B-3 is the most profoundly admired leather outerwear currently.