Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know for Rainy Seasons

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Let’s be honest. Truly perfect weather doesn’t exist anywhere on the planet, and when those rainy days arrive, you want to be prepared. You can still be stylish and stay dry, but you can also put on the wrong fabrics and ruin precious items when it’s pouring out. Fashion experts are sharing their favorite tips that every woman should know for dealing with the rainy seasons.

Vibrant Colors Fashion Tips

Don’t allow a gray, wet day to get you down, Ladies. Look into your closet, and pull out garments that have pops of color to add a bit of cheerfulness before you head out into the rain. Psychologists agree that wearing colorful clothing can boost your mood. Color is powerful and delivers energy, so put on that bubblegum pink dress, and go! Pink is having a moment, these days. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian cannot get enough of the vivid shade. She’s been obsessed with vibrant pink hues ever since divorcing Kanye West. She’s worn the color in the rain, to London and out at night.

Fashionable Footwear

We all want to wear our prettiest shoes and boots whenever we feel like it, but when the rain is falling, you want to be fashionable and practical. Water damages footwear, and if you’ve ever been caught in heavy or steady rain, you’ve probably also trudged in some dirt. Trying to clean leather shoes or suede boots after exposure to the rain is challenging. If you put them over a heater or into the dryer, you risk cracking your footwear or drying them out altogether. It is important that you invest in options so you can wear the right suede boots in rainy weather. You can find excellent waterproof, faux suede footwear that’s fashionable, functional, eco-friendly, and fits like a dream, so you can laugh at the weather.

Capable Cape Fashion Tips

A lightweight wool cape or poncho is great for rainy seasons and offers moisture-wicking properties to help keep you dry as you battle the rainfall. You can find hooded styles or those with a high-low drape, etc. Capes are classic outerwear that never goes out of style. You could also choose one in breathable water- and windproof nylon fabric that comes with zippered pockets to keep your stuff dry. Capes and ponchos are a fab choice because the styling often features an open fit that allows for airflow and doesn’t restrict movement.

Stretchy Leggings

Here’s another style tip when you’re ready to head out the door and be greeted by a serious rainfall. You may be running errands and probably going to reach for a pair of jeans, but denim is made of thick fabric that holds moisture against your skin and takes longer to dry. Your best bet is to put on a pair of leggings made out of poly/spandex. They will dry quickly because of their porous construction. Leggings that are breathable and have sweat-wicking ability keep you comfy even in a downpour. In addition, a great pair of leggings sculpts your figure and looks stylish with boots and any kind of footwear.

Compact Umbrella

You need a quality umbrella to ride out the rain, and a compact, lightweight design is best so that you can keep it in your bag at all times. However, you don’t want a flimsy umbrella that gets destroyed in the wind or heavy rain. The best kinds of compact umbrellas will be constructed with resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly but don’t turn inside-out, a vented windproof double canopy, a built-in auto-close function, state-of-the-art Teflon technology as waterproofing and slip-proof rubberized handles for easy, comfortable grip.

Weather-Resistant Bag

Your handbag is probably with you at all times, and when it’s raining hard, you want a material that can stand up to the elements. Fashion experts recommend handbags made of nylon, PVC, coated canvas, or patent leather. However, keep your favorite bags constructed of calfskin and lambskin leathers, silk, and suede handbags for drier days. These bags absorb moisture easily, and water damage often occurs.

Conclusion for Fashion Tips in the Rainy Season

Rainy seasons are a part of life but can become the ultimate nightmare for the fashionable gal. Don’t ruin your stylish items. Go over the list above, and be prepared.