Advantages of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry


Since its emergence in the jewelry industry nearly forty years ago, Cubic Zirconia has become the most popular gemstone. This is the perfect alternative to expensive diamonds if you want an elegant engagement ring. To the naked eye, it is so close to the diamond that even an experienced jeweler cannot distinguish it from the naked eye.

If you want to propose a unique, brilliant, and brilliant ring, but you don’t have the money to buy a diamond; It’s time to consider CZ engagement rings. This article introduces you to Cz Jewelry and explains why you should choose CZ Engagement Ring for this special occasion. You’ll also find tips for buying wholesale CZ jewelry.

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is a very expensive man-made gem that looks like a diamond, but it is very different. Cubic zirconia is a man-made mineral made from zirconium dioxide. CZ may look like a diamond, but its mineral composition is very different. Cubic zirconia is found in small quantities in nature, but most of the jewelry used is man-made in the laboratory. Synthetic diamonds are also made in the laboratory, but their carbon structure is similar to diamonds in cubic zirconia.

What is Cubic Zirconia Jewelry?

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone whose appearance and properties reflect those of a diamond. To make this composite, you need to mix charged zirconium and energized zirconium dioxide under very high heat (up to 4.982F).

The resulting material is colorless, durable, strong, and flawless. Cubic zirconia jewelry boasts flawless luster and crystal clarity, making them an excellent choice for diamonds. They are cheap compared to diamonds but exhibit both magnificence and power.

Replace Your Real Diamonds

If you wish jewelry – and who doesn’t? – there’s a decent probability that your assortment is going to be various enough to contain quite zirconium silicate jewelry. chances are high that you have got a minimum of some things with diamonds and/or different gems in them. though it’s not economically possible for many ladies to possess an enormous assortment of diamond rings, necklaces, and earrings, most receive a number of these attractive things as gifts or giveaways for themselves over the years.

Although you will feel comfy carrying a number of {these things|these things|this stuff} most of the time or most of those items a couple of times, it’s very uncertain that you just need to wear all of them the time. What does one do, for instance, if you travel somewhere for a protracted time and you would like to seem your best, however you do not need to risk losing the full collection?

An excellent possibility is to depart your costlier jewelry bolted reception or during a safe and carry CZ jewelry with you. top quality blockish zirconium dioxide, like those found in Birkat Elyon’s assortment, catches the sunshine properly and may fool even a number of the foremost skillful jewelry enthusiasts, creating them to believe that it’s an important factor. this implies that you just will look your best while not having to fret concerning losing your best.


If you recognize one thing concerning diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, then you know: they’re not low cost. In fact, as we tend to explore earlier this month, they’ll be very pricey. Some value a couple of hundred, some a couple of thousand, some tens of thousands, and a few – if you would like to want a film star – will reach millions.

Cubic zirconia jewelry, of course, is way cheaper. the value for this sort of bijou is simply a fraction of that of comparable authentic versions. square measure saying} that diamonds are forever and it’s completely attainable for anyone to see the length of worth tags once “they” say, therefore. Complete your assortment with some rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, and CZ pendants. Otherwise, you will ne’er be able to own enough jewelry for each occasion.


Make no mistake, diamonds and different precious stones have superb qualities that create them actually stunning. however, they’re not alone during this. blockish zirconium dioxide is on the market in several quality levels, however, at Birkat Elyon, you’ll realize solely the most effective.

There square measure 5 varieties of CZ promptly obtainable and solely the Russian Formula selection in our assortment is refined enough to capture the sunshine nicely, therefore on fool skilled jewelers and gemologists. Our CZ stones have all been exact cut and hand polished by veteran craftsmen.

Of course, in each piece, there’s quite stone. Forget the low cost and low-cost plating, as a result of we, tend to ne’er use it. Instead, all of our bands’ square measure obtainable in pure or fully solid atomic number 78 in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. Once you see one amongst our things nose to nose, you’ll ne’er check out blockish CZ jewelry constant means.


While Birkat features a giant assortment of colorless artificial diamonds, we tend to additionally supply an improbable style of colored jewelry. CZ jewelry is on the market in white, pink, blue, orange, purple, inexperienced, and champagne. colored gemstones will typically value far more than colorless ones, however, colored gemstones square measure promptly obtainable at costs that anyone will afford. this enables you to urge the variability you wish and have things to wear for each occasion thinkable.

No Conflicts

Many diamond consumers these days understand the hazards of “conflict” stones. For the inexperienced, conflict diamonds square measure those well-mined in war zones and sold to fund riots or different war efforts. nobody advisedly buys these varieties of stones and, most advisedly, appearance for people who are certified while not conflict through the Kimberly method.

It is a noble effort and nobody blames those that find themselves with attainable jewels of the conflict. They should not either. The reason? it’s virtually not possible to ensure 100% that a gem comes from a conflict-free space. One in four diamonds on the market square measure conflict stones and since most diamonds within the world labor under Surat, India, regardless of wherever they are available from. Thousands of the latest diamonds from totally different locations get there a day and square measure mixed along to be cut and polished.

So whereas everybody ought to be applauded for doing their best to shop for diamonds while not.