How Movies Can Relieve Stress?

Relieve Stress with Movies

According to the Madhu Mantena – Indian Film Producer, most times we feel caught up in daily activities, have to deal with emotional ups and downs, anxieties, stress, and feelings of “nothing is going right”. This can take a toll on your physical, mental, and even social life. All thanks to movies that have been providing an escape route from life struggles for decades. They get you having those fun moments with friends and families while you get to forget your struggles and problems for a while. Movies truly are game-changer in many lives and their benefits cannot be overemphasized. Even to the point of being called “cinema therapy”.

Whether going to the cinema to be among people of like-minded is the deal for you or you prefer watching while lying lazily on your couch, there are a lot you stand to gain. Here, Madhu Mantena, a successful film producer and media entrepreneur walk you through why you need to watch movies after a stressful day. It’s time to get your stress away!

1. Movies makes you Happier

If you need to smile, watch some movies. Laughter has always been the best medicine and watching comical movies are there to bring a smile to your face says Madhu Mantena. Even if you are having trouble expressing yourself, watching comedies are a great option to make you laugh and ease your stress. Moreover, when you get to watch sad movies, you realize your problems are nothing compared with others. This can help lift your mood and make you thankful for life.

2. Movies are Stress-buster

When you are feeling stressed, the right movie can always do well to your mind. As said earlier, it will free you from those worries for a while and allow your brain to relax and rewire. For instance, watching a nature documentary can get you awed by the beauty of nature. It helps us to temporarily step out of our daily worries and experience the outside world. It also has a calming effect as you get drenched in the serenity and beauty of nature.

3. It makes you Forget your Life Struggles for a While

Movies offer a form of escapism as you are carried onto another world where nothing else matters. As you watch the movie, you are focused on new people, new places, new experiences, and a whole new world. You get to escape reality for a couple of hours and become present in another world without physically present there.

4. It gives Insights into how you can solve your Own Problems

While watching movies, you can gain insight into how you can handle problems or challenges being faced. “Movies are stories that have over the years been used to pass information, wisdom, and knowledge. And some scriptwriters do a good job of bringing out characters that are being faced with real-life situations. When stressed, you might end up watching a movie that speaks into the situation you are currently facing or that is similar to it.  It can turn out to be a great problem-solving strategy for stress you need,” Madhu Mantena explains.

5. It encourages you

When you see heroes in movies conquering problems and pulling down challenges. You get to understand that problems are part of life and can be solved. This sparks some fire into your life, encouraging you to do the same in your life. Movies can motivate you to never give up.