Fun Ways to Surprise Your Long Distance Bestie on Her Birthday with Cake

birthday cake

We live in a world where our family and friends are scared of different places. As we grow up, we tend to move out of our city in search of good jobs and education and the same is the case for other people as well. That is why we have an extended family who lives far away from us. This is the family whom we meet once a year or even less because of the distance. Though festivals are a great time to reunite, we too wish to celebrate important milestones together like birthdays and anniversaries. 

If you have a best friend who now lives in another part of the world, you will understand how difficult it is to not miss them on your birthdays. Well, they miss you too. So, since you are familiar with this feeling, don’t you think that being a good bestie, you should make sure that she doesn’t miss you on her birthday? I don’t need to remind you that birthdays are very special and no matter how old you get, it still is a big deal.

Sure she would be celebrating her day with her friends over there, but having a birthday surprise from bestie always has a special place in the heart. Everyone wishes ‘happy birthday’ on social media or even goes on texting, but is that all you can do for her? I think you can at least order birthday cake online for her. So, I have curated some fun ways how you can surprise your best friend who lives miles apart, on her bday. 

Birthday party in a box 

Okay, one of the best ways to get someone excited even when you are not around, is by sending them a birthday party box. You need to put together a party box at home because it is the best way to say “happy birthday long-distance bestie”. This must contain all the birthday essentials like balloons, confetti, a birthday card, a personal note from your heart, and of course lots of treats. It is really easy to put together a birthday box, yet you can order it from shops that make these beautiful packaging. I’m sure there are many places near you too. 

Send cake and flowers

It is all about sending your best wishes to your girl on her birthday. Sure she will be spending her day with her other friends, but you know what will make her happier?  It’s that her bestie is missing her and wants her birthday to be a special one. So, you can send cake and flowers through online cake delivery in Mumbai for her with a heartwarming message. There are many sources online who deliver in every corner of the world, so sending gifts or cakes to celebrate a day is no more a rocket science. Just a click away and it can make someone’s day. Make her smile in the sweetest way that is possible from distance. 

Surprise Virtual birthday party

When you are done with the gifting part, the next you can do is plan a surprise virtual birthday party. You may think that what fun is that? But my friends have done it for me and trust me, it really makes one feel special and brings a smile to the face. It gives the feeling that someone has put effort to make your day special. So, if you cannot fly to them. Don’t be sad, you can still make them feel your presence by planning a virtual surprise party. For that, you can add other common friends as well and ask them to cut the cake that you sent while you are on the video call. It may take a few minutes for you to do this, but for them, it’s going to make their whole day memorable. 

Surprise visit

Thankfully we live in a time where traveling from one part to another has become a bit less difficult. You can hop on a plane and reach wherever you want to. So, if you are dying to be with them or just want to give the best surprise, you should pay them a surprise visit. Just make sure that they have no clue about this plan. But make sure that you plan this trip well in advance because traveling to the other part of the world is not an overnight decision.

These are some ways how you can surprise your long-distance friend / best friend on her birthday.