Latest Ultimate Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List  Revealed

Nikke Tier List
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In the always-changing world of Goddess of Victory Nikke, it’s super important to stay ahead of everyone else. There are lots of characters to pick from, and the game keeps getting updates from Shift Up. It can be hard to figure out which Nikkes are the best right now with all the changes happening. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with the ultimate Nikke Tier List list for February 2024. We’ve carefully put together this list to help you choose the best characters for your team so you can beat any challenge that comes your way.

Understanding the Tier System

Before we get into the details, let’s understand the tier system we use in our Nikke tier list for the Goddess of Victory game. Characters in the game are divided into five tiers: SS, S, A, B, and C. These tiers are based on how well the characters perform and how effective they are in the game. The higher the tier a character is in, the more powerful and important they are in battles.

SS-tier: The Apex Predators

At the very top of our ranking, we have the SS-tier Nikkes, who are like the superheroes of the game. They are incredibly strong and can do many different things well. These characters are super important for any team because they bring so much power and usefulness, no matter what kind of game you’re playing. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these characters on your team, you can count on them to always perform really well, no matter what obstacles you face.

  • Scarlet: Black Shadow
  • Naga
  • Modernia
  • Blanc
  • Liter
  • Tia
  • Noir
  • Scarlet
  • Dorothy
  • Rapunzel
  • Red Hood
  • Helm: Aquamarine
  • CentiDolla2BA2

S-tier: The Elite Champions

Just below the SS-tier, we have the formidable S-tier Nikkes, comprising characters that excel in various aspects of gameplay. While they may not possess the sheer dominance of their SS-tier counterparts, S-tier Nikkes still stand head and shoulders above the competition. With the right investment in equipment and leveling, these characters can rival even the mightiest adversaries. Here are the esteemed members of the S-tier:

  • Mary: Bay Goddess
  • Mica: Snow Buddy
  • N102
  • Noise
  • Pepper
  • PoliQuency
  • Rupee
  • Helm
  • Snow White: Innocent Days
  • Ludmilla: Winter Owner
  • Maxwell
  • Power
  • Snow White

A-tier: The Reliable Allies

Moving down the tier list, we encounter the A-tier Nikkes, reliable allies whose contributions should not be underestimated. While they may lack the raw power of higher-tiered characters, A-tier nikke tier list possesses unique strengths and abilities that can prove invaluable in your journey. With careful nurturing and resource allocation, these characters have the potential to become formidable assets in your roster. Here are the esteemed members of the A-tier:

  • Miranda
  • Sakura
  • Yan
  • Anis
  • Makima
  • Epinel
  • Frima
  • Jackal
  • Ludmilla
  • Milk
  • Moran

B-tier: The Solid Starters

In the middle of the group, there is the B-tier nikke tier list. These characters are like the dependable players you pick first for your team. They might not have the super cool abilities of the top-tier characters, but they’re still good enough to help you in the beginning stages of the game. However, as you keep playing and getting better, it’s a good idea to switch to the higher-tier characters for even better results. Let’s take a look at who’s in the B-tier:

  • Pascal
  • Tove
  • Rupee: Winter Shopper
  • Belorta
  • Sin
  • Folkwang
  • Mast
  • Anne: Miracle Fairy
  • Viper
  • Yuni

C-tier: The Beginner’s Guide

Towards the bottom of the ranking nikke tier list, we find the C-tier Nikkes. These are great for newcomers who want to get a grasp of how the game works. Although these characters might not be as strong as those in higher tiers, they’re really helpful for learning the ins and outs of the game. Think of them as important steps in your quest to become a master at playing as Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list. Let’s take a look at the members of the C-tier:

  • Anchor
  • Cocoa
  • Emma
  • MicaDelta
  • Mary
  • Rei
  • Soda
  • Aria
  • Novel
  • SignalD
  • Ether
  • Soldier OW
  • Neon
  • Rosanna


In summary, figuring out which Nikke tier list to use in the game Goddess of Victory Nikke can seem overwhelming at first. But with our detailed list ranking them for February 2024, you have the tools to choose wisely for your team. Whether you value sheer strength, flexibility, or how well they work together, there’s a Nikke that fits your style of play. Take on the challenge, put together your ideal team, and dive into an exciting adventure full of victories with a new Nikke tier list and fame in the Goddess of Victory Nikke universe.