5 YouTube Channels for CLAT Exam Prep


When you hear the word “YouTube,” what comes to mind? Most people might view it as entertainment, but students use it as a hub for their online education. The first public space where online education began was YouTube. It serves as a platform for both e-learning and digital entertainment.

The top YouTube channels you can find easily provide preparation for examinations, including CAT, NEET, Law, and many others. In light of this, let’s get to know the best 5 YouTube channels for law exam preparation, which you may use to prepare for the CLAT, DU LLB, and other law exams.

Are you Prepared to Ace your Law Exam?

One of India’s most challenging examinations, The Evolution of CLAT Exams can be difficult to prepare for students. We also understand that studying from your notes and textbooks and completing test papers could become tedious. You want an interactive, visual learning experience to relax your brain and help you learn simultaneously. For this, YouTube has several educational channels that can be helpful.

We have curated the best 5 YouTube channels that will aid in your law exam preparation, which are freely available.

  • Physics Wallah

Subscribers: 9.04M 

In 2014, Physics Wallah joined YouTube. Physics Wallah is one of the YouTube channels with India’s fastest growth rate for competitive exams. The information provided by the creators for various exams, from the CLAT exam to UPSC services, is remarkable. Many students have successfully passed their respective exams with the help of the advice offered by the makers of this YouTube channel. 

Due to the experts behind the camera, the quality of the video, voice, and information is outstanding. To provide its subscribers with the best experience possible, they offer preparatory guides, crash courses, and personal interviews.

  • Legal Edge

Subscribers: 31K

Legal Edge is the best coaching institute that provides tutoring and counseling to students preparing for bank examinations, SSC exams, and law exams. The teaching center provides offline classes and owns a YouTube channel with 175 videos devoted to the CLAT exam

On this top YouTube channel, Legal Edge CLAT coaching, students can access videos that offer career advice and already solved previous year papers. They also can have live chat support sessions with professionals and community polls. They also conduct great online discussions that help students understand the current situation in the world.

  • TLOI Academy

Subscribers: 51.2K

One of the top coaching facilities in Delhi, TLOI Academy helps students prepare for a wide range of exams. The main tests that TLOI Academy focuses on include CLAT, AILET, DU LLB, SLAT, LLM, and other exams for the judiciary. The academy now has a YouTube channel solely focusing on law.

With 3,412,611 views, the channel has almost 250 videos. When compared to other top YouTube channels, the visual quality is average. The CLAT coaching expert panels that host the content contribution are of excellent quality. They keep up with current events, changing curricula, and ways to prepare for individual law exams in 2021.

  • Pro Talent Admin

Subscribers: 47.3K

Pro-Talent Admin is a premier institute in Surat that gives quality guidance for examinations such as CLAT, SAT, and other law exams. The institute has just launched a YouTube channel to provide students with CLAT-focused study material. There are about 286 videos with 3,563,705 views.

The videos offer in-depth knowledge of all disciplines, including verbal ability, logical reasoning, and current events. They also host webinars with professionals to provide their subscribers with the exposure needed in the field.

  • Gradeup: CLAT

Subscribers: 30.5K

Grade-up is India’s leading Edu-tech company. They offer students guidance in preparing for various competitive tests, including PCMB courses, the IIT JEE, Banking exams, and Law exams. Many Grade-classes up’s are held on YouTube, where they have also been active for a while.

They offer guidance for the CLAT, AILET, MH-CET, SLAT, SET, and other law exams. The sheer variety of videos this top YouTube channel provides is astounding. Everything is available on their YouTube channel, including chapter-by-chapter studies, interviews, test questions, and regular syllabus updates.


These online resources, including the best YouTube channels, will benefit you when you prepare for your CLAT exam. students who want to pursue a career in law. There are many prestigious scholarship programs for CLAT students. The other factors that are crucial for your preparation are CLAT coaching classes available in both online & offline modes and preparation books for the CLAT exam. So prepare accordingly and stay updated with the latest CLAT notifications and CLAT exam information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can Physics Wallah help you prepare for the CLAT exam?

Ans: Considering Physics Wallah has highly skilled tutors, studying for the CLAT is undoubtedly a great idea. The best mentor you can get will guide you and provide notes, but in the end, it’s up to you to conduct your study.

Q2. Can I self-study for the CLAT?

Ans: Yes. You can prepare for CLAT without tutoring by working through test questions from past years, taking practice exams, and adhering to exam schedules and patterns.

Q3. Can I clear the CLAT in a month on my own?

Ans: In general, there is no one-month plan available in CLAT. However, because it is primarily a test of analytical and critical reading abilities with little emphasis on past knowledge, one month of preparation is sufficient to pass the exam. The applicant must only meet the requirement that they have strong reading and analytical skills.