The best way to learn French online and speak fluently

The best way to learn French online - and speak fluently
The best way to learn French online - and speak fluently

If you want to learn French online, it is important to make sure that the resources you are using will one day give you the ability to speak fluently. There many different types of programs available online, so it’s really a matter of picking where the most valuable forms of education included.

So, what resources will help you learn this beautiful language more beautifully? Let’s take a look at the general components of a language program to determine what you should look for.

 The written word can give you some extra texture by teaching a brief history of the French people and the detailed rules of the language. However, reading words in French and getting them out will not be very beneficial for most people. It is difficult to say the words correctly without first hearing them correctly.

General textbooks include flashcards, workbooks, and e-books.


 The ability to hear spoken words is one of the most important features of a language program, especially if there is no French expression in your daily life. Programs that give you the opportunity to hear unique words and actual spoken conversations or monologues will be most beneficial for the development of your own language.


 If you can find a program that includes the amount of video in a video to speak fluent languages, go to everyone else. Video gives you that important audio exposure but also facial and hand gestures that help communicate the point of the conversation.

Why am I learning French online

Paris, France is on the shortlist of many people who want to see them in their lifetime. This fall, I will travel to Paris at my leisure. I am fully aware of the French notoriety for treating their travelers (especially Americans) so I thought I would learn a few French phrases before my upcoming trip to the world-famous lighting city.

How I was fascinated by learning French and I discovered that French is interesting and rich in history at

A short history of the French language

French is a Romance language like Spanish and Italian that come from the old Gallo-Romance dialects. The language a direct descendant of the Latin spoken during the time of the powerful Roman Empire. The roots of modern French can trace back to northern France. Although Julius Sileser-present-day French found in the 1300s, the primary language dates to where it began to hold and spread around the world.

Around 350 million people worldwide speak French as their first or second language. It is the official language of 30 countries, but French is spoken by large populations in more than 50 countries.

French learning style

The best style I got for learning French was a course that was interactive, that I could learn online, was not boring, and it actually worked. My ultimate goal was to become a conversationalist without becoming a French scholar.

Many courses are stuffy and easy to handle. The language a direct descendant of the Latin spoken during the time of the powerful Roman Empire. You don’t learn the language when it happens. It doesn’t matter what language you are trying to learn.

I found Rocket French the best online French learning course among many courses and software products. It meets and exceeds my requirements described above (online, interactive, not fun-annoying, and it works!). You don’t learn the language when it happens.

To get the right mindset, you just relax, have a free mind right and most importantly have fun! It’s really hard to learn French if you don’t have fun (this applies to any language). I found learning French challenging but fun. I will try to become a French language learner long after I return home from Paris.