Holly Burrell: Know the Life and Career of Ty Burrell’s Wife

Holly Burrell

We all know and adore Ty Burrell from his role as the lovable Phil Dunphy on the hit comedy series Modern Family. But beyond the chaos and laughter of his on-screen family, Ty has a real-life perfect family with a stunning wife by his side. So, who is Ty Burrell’s wife? Her name is Holly Burrell, and in this article, we will explore the life and career of Holly Burrell. We’ll delve into all the details you need to know about her, from her personal life to her accomplishments. Get ready to explore the captivating world of Holly Burrell, the woman who brings joy to Ty’s life outside of the camera.

Holly Burrell: Her Life, Education, and Career

Holly Burrell had a happy childhood in Fruit Heights, Utah, growing up in a close-knit Mormon family.

Holly Burrell, who was born on November 25, 1975, grew up in a caring and supportive family that fostered her love for art, music, and gardening. Currently, in July 2023, Holly is 47 years old. After finishing high school, Holly pursued her love for theater and earned a degree from the University of Utah. Later, she also pursued her interest in cooking and went to a French culinary institute to become a talented pastry chef.

Over the years, Holly explored different career paths. After graduating, she moved to Washington, DC, where she worked at the Shakespeare Theatre. However, she soon realized the competitiveness of the acting industry. So, she decided to follow her long-standing passion for food.

Reports suggest that Holly made the courageous choice to support her husband’s career and left acting behind. She worked in a bakery until eventually moving to Los Angeles to assist her husband in his pursuits.

Holly Burrell: Food and Family at the Center

Holly’s passion and focus in life revolve around food and her loved ones. She believes that food plays a crucial role in her family’s everyday life. Cooking and exploring recipes have been her main interests for years. Although it’s unclear if she cooks professionally, she dedicates a lot of time and effort to thinking about and researching food. When she’s not busy cooking for her family, she enjoys reading about different culinary delights. You can find some of her recipes, like her delicious “baked vegetable risotto,” on Pinterest.

While Holly hasn’t released her own cookbook yet, her recipes are often discussed on a podcast called Mouth Feelings, which you can listen to on Radio Republic. She prefers to keep a low profile on social media and is not active on any known platforms.

Ty Burrell: A Talented Actor and Comedy Star

Ty Burrell was born in Grant Pass, Southern Oregon on August 22, 1967.Holly Burrell’s husband, the amazing Ty Burrell, began his journey in the movie world back in 2001. He impressed audiences with his roles in movies like Evolution and Black Hawk Down. Ty continued to make a name for himself, catching the attention of horror fans with his memorable performance in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.

It was on the theater stage where Ty truly showcased his artistic abilities. He left a lasting impact with his captivating portrayal in the Broadway revival of Macbeth in 2000. He also wowed audiences in off-Broadway productions like Corners, The Blue Demon, Burn This, and Show People. Ty even co-wrote and acted in the original play, The Red Herring O’ Happiness, by Russell Dyball.

But things took off for Ty in his television career when he landed the role of Phil Dunphy, the endearing real estate agent, in the widely acclaimed ABC sitcom Modern Family. His performance garnered him nominations for the prestigious Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Comedy Series. In November 2014, Ty made a big commitment by signing a deal with 20th Century Fox Television to create new comedies. 

And in July 2020, he took his creativity to the next level by starting his own production company, called Desert Whale Productions. Ty is always expanding his horizons and bringing laughter to audiences everywhere.

A Remarkable Tale of Holly and Ty’s Meeting

Holly and Ty’s paths crossed at the famous Shakespeare Theatre in Washington D.C. Ty, Holly Burrell’s loving husband, revealed during an interview how their love story began. He shared that he came to Utah for the Utah Shakespeare festival in Cedar City, where he performed for two summers. But in between that time, fate brought him to Washington D.C. There he met Holly who was then acting at the Shakespeare Theater. He added that he was already smitten with Utah, and once Holly and he fell in love, they always dreamed of making it their home.

Holly and Ty instantly connected and developed an extraordinary bond. Their strong love for one another grew and grew until it reached a beautiful point when they had a magical wedding ceremony in August of 2000. They were surrounded by their closest friends, beloved family, and cherished loved ones.

Holly Burrell and Her Husband’s Adoption Journey

In 2010, Holly Burrell and her husband faced the reality of not being able to have children on their own. Determined to become parents, they chose the path of adoption. Exciting news followed as they welcomed their first daughter, Frances, into their loving home through adoption. Two years later, in March 2012, they joyfully expanded their family once again by adopting their second daughter, Gretchen. Both daughters are members of the Black American community.

Holly Burrell and Ty’s New Home

Holly Burrell and her husband Ty lived in New York City before they decided to make Salt Lake City their new home in 2008. They used to own a cozy two-bedroom apartment in the Astoria neighborhood of New York, but now they rent it out to others. For a period of time, they even moved to Southern California because of Holly’s work on Modern Family.

From Servers to Philanthropists

Once upon a time, before they became famous, Holly Burrell and her husband Ty worked as servers. Ty remembers those days fondly, recognizing Holly’s talent as a server and admitting that he wasn’t always the best waiter himself. Ty humorously talks about his struggle with juggling multiple tasks, often resulting in spills and forgetting things. While waiting tables was challenging for him, he always excelled at being friendly and kind to customers.When the Coronavirus pandemic arrived in Salt Lake City, approximately 15,000 servers lost their source of income.

The Burrells felt compelled to help in any way they could. They decided to write a check for a huge amount of $100,000, which was one of the biggest tips ever given in Utah. But their kindness didn’t stop there. Working together with Salt Lake City and the Downtown Alliance, the Burrells created an amazing online fund called “Tip Your Server.” This wonderful initiative allows people to contribute and support the servers who were affected by the pandemic.

Holly Burrell Net Worth

We don’t have any authentic information about Holly Burrell’s net worth, but her husband Ty Burrell’s net worth is $26 million as of 2023.

Social Media Presence

Holly Burrell does not have any presence on social media platforms, whereas her husband Ty Burrell has a following of 291K followers on Instagram. His Twitter handle @TyBurrelI has 18.9K followers as of July, 2023.

Bottom Line

Holly Burrell is a talented and accomplished individual who has pursued her passions in both acting and culinary arts. She is also known for her philanthropic efforts, along with her husband Ty Burrell, as they strive to make a positive impact in their community.