Peso Pluma – Unveiling the Height of a Rising Mexican Star

how tall is peso pluma
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Peso Pluma, a talented musician from Mexico, has become a sensation in the music world. People love his heartfelt singing, meaningful lyrics, and the cool way he mixes different kinds of music. He’s become super famous! But there’s something fans are really interested in, How tall is Peso Pluma? Let’s dig into this interesting fact about the up-and-coming star.

The Journey Begins

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, known as Peso Pluma, was born on June 15, 1999, in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. His journey in music began when he was quite young. Raised in Guadalajara, he found his passion for music at an early age. At just 15, he picked up a guitar and started learning how to play by watching tutorials on YouTube. Despite facing teasing and mockery from some of his peers, he remained dedicated to his craft. he started writing songs, pouring his heart and soul into his music.

The Height Mystery Unveiled

So, how tall is Peso Pluma? The answer lies in numbers: Peso Pluma stands at 170 centimeters or 5 feet 7 inches. His stature sets him apart, making him taller than the average Mexican male height of 169 cm (5 feet 7 inches)34.

Musical Breakthrough

Peso Pluma’s music career really took off with his first two albums, “Ah y Qué?” in 2020 and “Efectos Secundarios” in 2021. But it was when he teamed up with Raul Vega for the song “El Belicón” in 2022 that things went to a whole new level. This song was a massive hit, selling a whopping 480,000 copies and earning an 8× Platinum Latin certification from the RIAA. After that, Peso Pluma continued to make waves with more hits, like “Siempre Pendientes,” a collaboration with Luis R. Conriquez. These songs cemented his status as a major player in the global music scene. Also, fan wants to know  how tall is Peso Pluma.

TikTok Sensation

Peso Pluma became even more popular thanks to his team-ups on TikTok. Songs like “AMG” (with Gabito Ballesteros) and “PRC” became huge hits, making it onto the Billboard Hot 100 charts. In a big moment, “Ella Baila Sola,” featuring Eslabon Armado, made history as the first regional Mexican song to break into the top 10 of the Hot 100, eventually reaching number four. His music was loved all around the world, making him the Mexican artist with the most Spanish-language songs on the US charts.


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Peso Pluma’s love life has been gossip fodder for his fans lately. He was once thought to be dating Argentinian singer Nicki Nicole after they worked together on a remix and seemed to act all lovey-dovey on stage. But now, things seem to have hit the rocks. People on social media noticed that Nicki Nicole stopped following Peso Pluma, and some fans spotted him with another girl at the Super Bowl. Peso Pluma hasn’t said anything about his relationship status himself, keeping it all under wraps.

Génesis and Grammy Glory

In 2023, Peso Pluma came out with his third album called “Génesis”. This album was a big hit, winning the Grammy Award for Best Mexican Music Album, which also includes Tejano music. Peso Pluma’s music style is unique because it blends traditional corridos tumbados with elements of Latin urban music. This special mix has helped to bring back the popularity of corridos. His music is so popular that he holds the record for being the most streamed artist ever in Mex.

Net Worth

As of December 2023, Peso Pluma has a lot of money – $20 million to be exact! His success with money isn’t just because he’s good at music, but also because he’s really good at getting people all over the world to like his music.

Social Media

Peso Pluma, the rising star in Mexican music, not only captivates audiences with his melodies but also keeps them engaged through his active social media presence. Let’s explore where you can find him online:

Instagram: @pesopluma

With a huge 13.8 million people following him, Peso Pluma shows bits of his life, music, and what happens behind the scenes. His colorful social media page shows off his lively personality and his journey as an artist.

Twitter: @Elpesopluma

On Twitter, Peso Pluma talks with fans, tells them about new stuff, and sometimes shares what he’s thinking. He has 483k followers who keep up with what he’s up to and what he’s thinking about.

YouTube: Peso Pluma’s Channel

Check out Peso Pluma’s YouTube channel! He posts music videos, live shows, and special stuff you can’t find anywhere else. He’s got a huge fan base with over 5.8 million subscribers. It’s where he gets to be super creative!


As Peso Pluma continues to create magic with his music, fans eagerly await his next move and wonder, “How tall is Peso Pluma?” Whether he’s strumming his guitar or belting out heartfelt lyrics, one thing is certain: this rising star’s journey is far from over.