Chloe Fineman And Her Met Gala Mishap

Chloe Fineman and her Met Gala Mishap

Chloe Fineman is not a stranger to many people in America. The star who has other careers apart from acting such as writing, impressionism, and comedy always dazzles her fans. The 1988-born is an American citizen whose career has spanned more than a decade. In 2019, she was also featured in an NBC sketch show which highlighted how fun she is. Below is a brief description of Chloe Fineman’s life, her career, her relationship, and red-carpet events.

Chloe’s Family

Chloe has a father, a mother, and two sisters. Her dad is an executive in a company, while her mom is a painter. One of her sisters is an athlete and the other is a visual artist.

Religion Affiliation

Chloe was raised in a Jewish household, and she attended various Jewish events when she was young. To be specific, her dad is Jewish, but her mom is a Protestant.

Educational Background

Is Chloe a Scientologist? No, she is not. In 2006, Chloe completed her high school education. While in school, Chloe was part of her school’s acting group. The teacher in charge of the group applauded Chloe’s love and dedication to acting. According to her, Chloe Fineman performed brilliantly in the drama and comedy genres. In junior and senior high, Chloe directed two plays and played the lead in two dramas.

In addition, she also did a peafowl impression on a public show with a celebrity.

After High School

After graduating from high school, Chloe went back to her alma mater to conduct drama workshops and direct plays. Then Chloe went on to bag a bachelor’s degree in Arts in New York and graduated in 2011. Then she left her hometown and started living in a different state. It was there she joined a theater group and performed in many shows.

Her Celebrity Life

Chloe has managed to maintain her online persona for years now. She is mostly known for her comedy (stand-up) shows and famous star impression videos. She has appeared in many TV shows and dramas. Chloe has an active Instagram account she uses to update her fans. You can find video clips of her works on the account. She does the same on her YouTube channel, however, she also uploads character impression videos there.

Chloe’s Involvement in a Comedy Show

Chloes Involvement in a Comedy Show

In 2019, Chloe was featured as a player in a live comedy show with other celebrities. She was named as the most valuable player in her team. This led to her appointment as a Repertoire on the show in 2021.


In 2018, Chloe Fineman was given an award in Canada for her part in the comedy industry. A year later, she received a nomination for the best comedian award.

In 2018, a renowned critic who is known for his blunt words wrote positive reviews about Chloe. In his words, Chloe has this innate ability to be a great impressionist, which she is.

Chloe’s Awkward Red Carpet Moment

Chloe's Awkward Red Carpet Moment

Every celebrity has experienced one awkward moment or two in the public glare, and Chloe Fineman is no exception. In 2023, the comedian and actress went viral for a video that was captured on the Met Gala red carpet. The video was circulated all over social media. It captured an awkward interaction between Chloe and another star. Chloe and another celebrity were the hosts for the 2023 Met Gala night.

Normally, Met Gala is a night that is rife with chaos and tension as everybody tries to find their place. In the midst of these, Chloe was interviewing celebrities who attended the event and happened upon Stella McCartney. Stella came in with Madelyn Cline and Audrey Plaza, who were wearing Stella’s designs.

What Happened That Night?

While she was interviewing Stella and streaming it live, Chloe tried to introduce Audrey and Stella to the audience. Chloe called the others by their surnames but called Audrey by her first name. It was Audrey who then gave Chloe her surname while on live coverage.

Even though Audrey and Chloe have been on many Saturday live shows, fans still felt the interview was awkward. Chloe proceeded to ask Stella about the dress she wore. Stella gave a curt and very short reply. Then Plaza made a quip about her own dress. In return, Stella added a sarcastic comment to support Plaza’s words. This seemed funny to Chloe and her co-host, who laughed at Plaza’s and Stella’s comments.

Stella’s Reaction

Chloe and her co-host’s laughter didn’t sit well with Stella, who called them out for making fun of them. Chloe and the second host realized Stella didn’t find them funny and attempted to rectify the situation.

Viewers Reactions

Viewers at home and on the internet didn’t find Chloe’s interactions with the women funny. They called her out for not taking the designer seriously.

Chloe’s Net Worth

Chloe is a multi-talented media personality who has been involved in different sectors of the entertainment circle. Therefore, it is not surprising to note that she is worth millions of dollars. As a successful woman, many are curious to know Chloe Fineman’s boyfriend. Well, there is a rumor going around that Chloe is dating Casey Thomas, but it has not been confirmed.

Chloe Finemans boyfriend


Finally, Chloe Fineman is an example of the saying that ‘you can do it when you put your mind to it.’ Her fans are always amazed by the way she stays true to the character she is trying to mimic. In addition, Chloe has been named to be among the best new-generation impressionists in America.