How do I choose a Shopify development company?

Shopify development

Here, we will help you with the careful considerations and know-how for a successful custom Shopify development. 

Did you know that the eCommerce industry is likely to generate sales worth $5.542 trillion by the end of 2022? 

It is evident that the eCommerce industry is thriving and thus increased businesses have either started shifting to online commerce or started this venture. But, where would your eStore stand with so many more people exploring this sector? 

And even if you are using one of the most celebrated platforms like Shopify to build and manage your eStore, it all comes down to having the right help at the right time. So, how do you choose the right Shopify development company to seek the needed technical assistance? 

Let us get right into it! 

Why Do You Need a Shopify Development Agency?

Shopify is a single-stop solution for all your eCommerce needs. Whether it is building and setting up an eStore or managing your online store’s products and services, Shopify can help you do all of that with little to no technical knowledge. 

But oftentimes, you would see businesses struggle to manage their eCommerce store let alone build one. On top of that, if you aim to build unique and user-friendly Shopify stores, choosing amongst the professional Shopify development companies becomes a must. 

Are you wondering how that could benefit your business? 

  • Shopify offers you a plethora of themes to choose from and designs your site as you want. However, why settle for a general Shopify theme that many of your competitors are using? Instead, you can get a custom theme developed for your eStore that aligns with your business goals, all with the help of a skilled Shopify professional. 
  • Whether it is building a powerful search and filter for your product pages or integrating third-party software to your online store, a Shopify web developer can create powerful and engaging experiences for you. Now, catapult your sales by building a powerful portal. 
  • You have plenty of things to manage for smooth delivery of your products to the customers, and worrying about developing the Shopify store and managing the technical stuff should not be one of them. And if you have one reliable team working on your product, you can start attending to other significant matters at hand. 

Which Factors to Consider When Hiring a Shopify Development Agency?

Before you start your hunt for the best Shopify store development company, you must figure out the traits you are looking for in any development agency. While there are many factors for consideration like the developer skill sets, development cost, etc., you must consider a few pivotal aspects. 

Professional portfolio

Since you are seeking professional help to give your Shopify store an innovative flair in design and functionality, you would not want an amateur to work on it. Thus, more reasons to check the company’s professional portfolio and have a glimpse of their past endeavors in Shopify. 


An experienced eCommerce development company will be aware of the ins and outs of creating an online store in Shopify. Thus, you can relax and focus on other significant tasks without worrying. 

Client feedback and testimonials

No matter how useless of a point anyone tells you this is, it can be helpful in some cases. You get to learn whether the team is punctual with deadlines or not, how unique their services are, or if their services are pocket-pinching. You can even go the extra mile and talk to one of their clients to have a better understanding of their way of work. 

How to Choose the Best Shopify Development Firm?

You might know what you are looking for, but with so many options on the table, committing mistakes is common. But, if you end up hiring the wrong custom Shopify development agency, you can say goodbye to your long-aspired dream of building an engaging eCommerce store. 

So, what is at stake is your eCommerce store that could have sales breaking through the roof!

Thus, make sound decisions as you go through these points. 

Prepare the scope of the project

The first step is to create the scope of the project and write down various requirements, features, objectives, suggestions, recommended technology stack, and more. This will give you an initial idea of where to start. You can also note down the number of resources (developers, designers, marketing executives) you may need for the Shopify store development project. 

Plan a budget

After you have created the scope of the project, it is immensely important to decide the budget for the custom Shopify development project. You would need to decide on a budget and look for suitable development firms accordingly so that you do not end up overspending. 

Shortlist Shopify development firms

Shortlisting the best amongst the many Shopify development companies is a tedious task. However, you have numerous sources to look for the right agency, such as – Social networking sites, search engines, site recommendations, etc. Nevertheless, make sure you keep the most important factors in mind while shortlisting as mentioned earlier. 

Discuss/interview & decide

You can communicate with the company representatives of the shortlisted agencies and choose the best option for your Shopify project. You can also discuss the project timeline, development approach, and engagement model and decide the suitable option. 

Draw a contract

After you decide which custom Shopify development firm to hire, you need to complete the legal formalities and draw a contract for transparency and ownership of code. 


You need to hire the best resources to build a robust and engaging Shopify eCommerce store. But, choosing the right agency for your project can be daunting. Here, you can get a few exclusive tips on finding the right technical assistance from a Shopify store development agency.