Why Outsourcing To The Philippines Is The Best Choice For American Businesses

Why Outsourcing To The Philippines Is The Best Choice For American Businesses

There’s an old saying that goes “It’s hard to find good help.” At one time that may have been true, but things have changed a lot since then! As business continues to migrate to global online platforms, the world has opened up in ways that were once unimaginable! You can now run your business in the US and hold meetings with employees and customers on the other side of the world in real-time! International Outsourcing business has become truly international.

One of the best ways for a US company to thrive in this new arena is to engage outsourcing services to help your business grow without breaking the bank! There are many sources available, but the country we find to have the highest quality levels of service, as well as a deep understanding of American culture and fluency in the English language, is hands down the Philippines.

This friendly Southeast Asian nation is now the number one outsourcing destination for businesses both large and small. The Philippines is home to over 1.5 million workers who are ready to go to work for you with some of the most reasonably priced pay rates in existence. Whatever you need, they can do, be it customer service call center staffing, digital marketing, animation, accounting, and more, they will make it happen for you! Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why the Philippines is the best candidate for outsourcing your business’s needs:

Strategic Reasons to Choose the Philippines for Outsourcing

Compatible Culture

This vibrant island nation has a long history of connections to several other countries. Although some of these were not initially on the best of terms, like the Spanish and Japanese colonisations of past centuries, those differences were put aside long ago and the Philippines is now a close friend and partner with their former colonizers. The Philippines enjoys an especially good relationship with the USA, the nation that liberated them during WWII, and has been their closest friend and ally ever since.

The Philippines is a predominantly Christian nation, and its easy-going, friendly culture has been heavily influenced by the West. Couple all of that with the people’s innately hospitable nature and impeccable manners and it’s easy to see why Filipinos fit seamlessly into an American company’s corporate environment, they are highly socially adapted and easy to work with under all circumstances!

Proficient In English

Consider this— Over 70% of Filipino people are fluent in English! And when we say fluent, we mean it, they speak clearly with an American accent and are well-versed in the current common vernacular. Filipino children learn English in school from kindergarten on, and American cultural entertainments like music, literature, movies, and television are extremely popular, and avidly consumed by them. Not only that, if you are out shopping in the Philippines you will hear the locals using English among themselves more often than their native tongue, this is the length to which they have embraced the English language and made it part of their own identity and culture!

So, if your customer is dialing into a call center seeking help, the Filipino outsourced employee will sound indistinguishable from an American, so much so that the customer will assume they are talking to someone in Milwaukee, not Manilla! Since complaints of difficult-to-understand accents have been a major drawback when outsourcing work to other competing countries, this easy command of English sets the Philippines well above the rest.

Highly Educated And Skilled Workforce

The Philippines is one of those rare countries in the current era that boasts a large population of young people whose numbers are growing at a rate fast enough that they will soon greatly outnumber the elderly and retired members of their society. Contrast that with nearby Japan, which is struggling to replace its older generations, and is facing a crisis of not enough people to maintain their society as it is now!

Moreover, these young Filipinos are highly educated, with over 30% of them already possessing a college degree, and achieving a national literacy score of 98%, outstripping even the USA which comes in at just 76%. Colleges and universities in the Philippines are on track to add more than 500,000 new graduates every year to their deep pool of qualified and highly skilled workers.

High Value For Low Cost

When your company outsources to the Philippines you can be expected to save as much as 80% on your operational costs thanks to the country’s comparatively low cost of living. That’s a tremendous savings you can take to the bank!

The American Council On Foreign Relations has stated that outsourcing has had little or no negative effect on the US economy, and has in fact been a driver of growth and prosperity!

In closing, we may sound biased toward the Philippines as the go-to outsourcing nation for US companies to consider, but it is only because of their outstanding performance and dedication to excellence.