5 Tips and Tricks to Design Logo for Your Social Media

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Your social media is the face of your brand, you cannot imagine having a business today without having any social media presence. With the right kind of presence, you can attract a huge audience and keep them hooked on your business while making sure you are not deviating from any kind of things that do not matter. One of the most essential elements of social media marketing is how you brand your brand. When your brand is all set to make an impact it is important to have a logo that resonates with the brand. The logo that explains the brand and most importantly the logo that is comprehensible for the customers.

What is the point of having a logo and social media presence when it is not understandable to the customers? Nevertheless, there are many ways you can have an impact on social media if you have the right type of logo. The type of logo you use can have an effect on your brand in multiple ways. If you are still confused about how it all can be done, then here we are, to solve all your queries and make sure you know how to do everything correctly.

Following are some tips and tricks you need to keep in mind!

1) Keep the Aspect Ratio in Mind

Most of the sites on social media need you to transform your logo to a square size that is the same as the square-shaped thumbnail. This is one of the best video thumbnail makers, however, you have to keep in mind that your logo is not entirely square. You should have the ability to change it into a somewhat square shape. It is best to ensure you are making all the use of the available space that you have so that you will not have to compromise on your logo or minimize it to the size to fit it into the smaller size.

2) Be Regular

Consistency is the key when you have an effective and perfect social media strategy you can see your logo on different sites including YouTube, Facebook, and even your personal sites as well. Therefore, you have to make sure you have the best kind of logo for every site. People often make the mistake of designing a logo that cannot be resized effectively. It can also help in the cases when the website needs you to resize or crop the whole image, you want the logo that looks perfectly the same regardless of the website it is on.

3) Use of Indifferent Graphics and Texts

While you are designing the logo, you have to ensure that both text and graphics are separate elements. It will help you if you ever need to convert it to a different and better size. In fact, a few of the companies use single graphics or single text all over social media to have a standardized practice everywhere.

4) Simplicity is Important

One of the things that matter the most is how simple and easy to understand your whole logo is. In case you have a delicate and simple logo, there will be the risk of having complicated designs which would make it more difficult for the customers and audience to comprehend the whole logo. Particularly during the whole resizing thing, when the logo is intricate it makes it more complicated for the designers to make it more readable. This is one of the reasons why advertisers recommend having small taglines, detailed graphical elements, and thin lines.

5) Use Limited Shades and Colors

There has to be some uniformity when it comes to the logo design and the overall designs of the posts that you use on your social media. When you have used limited colors it is easier to unify everything there is a unity all over your social media accounts that makes it easier for your audience to remember your brand. When you have a busy social media presence it is better to use only 2 to three colors as they work better there and stand out easily. One of the reasons we recommend brands to have a uniform color everywhere is because it helps you get saved everywhere and not get lost in the backdrop.