How International Shipping Can Expedite Your Business


Considering the Expedited Shipping

If you are considering the expedited shipping option when shipping cargo overseas, you have likely heard about the speed and convenience that it provides. How exactly doesexpedited shipping work? Let’s take a look at how this option can save you time and money.

Expedited Shipping Service

First, what is an expedited shipping service? It is a means by which you can make sure that your shipments reach their destination on time and under budget. These services utilize air freight or sea freight, which allows your shipment to arrive in the destination ahead of schedule, or sometimes even sooner. Typically, the normal delivery time frame that’s provided by the regular postal service is three working days as per the standard rule of thumb. Some freight forwarders also utilize the term expedited shipping when offering a certain package.

How do they accomplish this? Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of having your shipment go to a faster port or airport. There could be a tie-up with another company, which would cause the express shipment to get delayed. Sometimes, there could be a logistical issue, such as equipment shortages, which might require the trucker to make a last-minute stop to pick up your package.

Significant Impact on the Delivery Time

All of these situations can have a significant impact on the delivery time frame, and when you add in the possibility of additional charges, like customs fees or fuel surcharges, the impact can be greater still. What are the alternatives to expedited shipping services, then? You can use the regular postal service for most types of shipments, including letters, emails, parcels, and other inbound/outbound shipments. You can also choose to use regular carrier services for perishable items or those that are fragile.

Regular Carrier Services

However, even with regular carrier services, you can often get an even better deal by going with a freight forwarder. One advantage of using a freight broker is the same-day delivery service. A same-day delivery service offers fast delivery – usually in less than a week. In addition, when you use a freight broker, you are bound by a contract of the shipping services you use, so you are certain to be getting the best rates. Brokers also provide insurance coverage and can enter into binding deals for bulk shipments.

expedited shipping

Check their Terms and Conditions

Before you sign up with any shipping services, though, it’s important to check their terms and conditions. Most will charge extra for tracking and delivery confirmation and will not offer overnight shipping rates. Freight forwarders have systems in place to determine the shipping rates for a particular shipment. But you might be able to get a better deal by choosing a faster shipping option. Which will likely be more expensive. It is possible to get faster shipping rates by using a freight company that specializes in same-day delivery.

Provides Same-Day Delivery Service

Using a freight company that provides same-day delivery service is better than using regular air shipping. Because couriers know where your shipment is going to and can make arrangements to have it arrive at its destination quickly. You are still paying a premium rate, but the time from the pick-up point to delivery is much faster. Using a freight service may be a good choice if you are expecting an especially large shipment, or if you want to expedite a particularly high-value or valuable product.

Freight companies tend to be very good at determining the urgency of a shipment, and can often provide a much faster delivery time than regular air shipping methods.  This is especially true for urgent or large shipments. Because they are experienced in dealing with such large shipments on a regular basis.

Provide a Cost-Effective Package

Experience couriers can also help you save money by providing a cost-effective package and shipping options to suit your particular business need. Many of them provide international destinations tracking and traceability. So that you can monitor the status of your shipments more effectively. Depending on your business practices and preferences, some courier services offer discounts or other incentives to their customers who use them for expedited or same-day shipping services, or who arrange to ship through their courier services instead of a regular Freight Shipping Company. If you need to expedite a shipment through a courier service because it requires special transportation services. If your shipment is likely to arrive at a very different time than the majority of other shipments. You can usually save a great deal of money by using this option.