5 coolest puzzles you should consider buying

Rubiks Cube Master

Staying indoors has become a wrenching and boring task. We are out of things to do. Housework and other mundane tasks fail to keep our attention away from the havoc outside, caused by the uncertain coronavirus. 

With the ongoing pandemic and staying at home emerging as the need for the hour, it has become increasingly difficult to engage and entertain oneself and families. 

At times like these, when we are overwhelmed by the continuous usage of television, Netflix, and following the curious trends on Instagram, our mind craves for something intellectually stimulating, engaging, and entertaining, all three at the same time. 

So, to satisfy all the three gratifications, one prominent task that comes to mind is ‘solving puzzles’

Yes! You heard me right, it is solving a puzzle. 

Despite how we associate the task of solving puzzles as boring and requiring too much brain activity, solving riddles such as the Rubik’s cube could be really entertaining and fun-filled at the same time. 

Riddle puzzles such as the Rubik’s cube and several others have various benefits, especially in quarantine times. To enlist a few: It helps in keeping the brain engaged and stimulated, Solving a riddle/puzzle is highly engaging and entertaining, It keeps your thinking cap on, despite having a mundane routine, it also adds family time sometimes, and many more. 

Keeping in note the amazing benefits of solving a puzzle. Let’s delve into some of the coolest puzzles you should consider buying for engaging during quarantine times.

Fun, light, and quick, these puzzles are a great mood booster. So, let’s get started.


An exciting cube with a completely different physical outlook, a gear cube was developed by Oskar Van Deventer in 2009, and since then it has become an essential part of the cubic puzzle family. A gear cube was initially called a caution cube due to the gears present on the surface of the cube which sometimes causes a problem for the speedcubers as their fingers get stuck in those gears, later on, with its mass supply, it took its name with what we know today as a gear cube. 

To provide you with a pro tip, there are two major goals of solving a gear cube. First, to bring the cube back to its original shape, and, second, to bring the colors into a symmetrical order. 


One of the most beautiful looking and difficult puzzles to solve out there. Da Yan Gem puzzles have eight different kinds of variations in their puzzle family. Each with a different style of rotation, faces, and different features. Moreover, these eight variations also differ in their difficulty level, so you can track your progress in solving these puzzles by shifting to a higher and a more difficult variant of it. According to popular belief by many of the expert cubers, Da Yan Gem three is one of the best amongst the puzzle family, as it has the best rotation techniques, and is easy to use. Da Yan Gem puzzles are a great add-on to the Rubik’s cube family. 



Do you remember the cube used in science fiction and action movies? Well, the mirror cube is a perfect resemblance to those cubes. Monotonous in its color, a mirror cube is a 3*3 cube that is uniquely different from a traditional Rubik’s cube in every aspect, ranging from its solution to its internal characteristics. Moreover, it is slightly more difficult to solve than a Rubik’s cube. Excitingly, there are several world records out there in the name of mirror cube. So, this cube is worth trying, right?


An advanced version of a Rubik’s cube to put simply, a ghost cube in its scrambled state could become any shape, but it gets solved when it comes in the form of a cube. Basically, the colors in the ghost cube are all the same, it’s the shape inside the surface, that is different. The purpose of the ghost cube is to solve the puzzle in a way that it comes back to its original shape, which is a cube shape. A ghost cube comes in various variations and colors to suit a person’s preference. 


Invented by Erno Rubik, a snake puzzle is hands down one of Rubik’s cube’s easiest and most interesting forms. It could be made into any shape upon its solution or even during its scrambling. Present in different varieties, the Rubik’s snake is made of twenty-four parts. Each needs to be stacked upon the other by following an algorithm, to reach its solution. It is available in a variety of colors to suit a person’s preference.

These splendid twisty puzzles will surely bring excitement to your daily lethargic stay-at-home routines. Whether you want something to kill time during those long zoom meetings,  play with something during your school or college breaks, these puzzles are definitely the coolest ways to pass time during the quarantine and are must-haves for sure. 

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Happy cubing!