Why you need one-to-one Counseling for Foreign Study Visa

How does visa facilitation counseling help you in a study visa?

If you have gotten admission in a foreign university, you must be over the moon. Congratulations! Your time to celebrate is almost here. But there are still phases you need to go through, and you need help regarding those.

Whenever students go abroad, the admission process takes a few months, and then the visa process takes the next few months, which are heftier than the admission quest itself. Thus people go-to professionals for consultation regarding the visa process.

Especially in developing countries like Pakistan, the trend of education consultancies has been on a high. Students going for foreign studies have been acquiring visa counseling from the study abroad consultants in Islamabad for increased facilitation and not missing out on anything important.

This article aims to highlight the importance of taking visa counseling from professionals.

How does visa facilitation counseling help you in a study visa?

Visa facilitation is the most crucial part of professional guidance that you can get from an education consultant. The reason it is so crucial gets elaborate after you explore this article further:

Help with Documentation

Now that you have secured admission in a foreign university, you need a lot of information about the new country. When you are applying for a visa and are going through the process, you need help with the list of documents you are required to collect, prepare, and assemble.

Documents that your potential university asks you to prepare are all mentioned on the website. But the country-specific requirements are known to your consultant. Thus you need help to ensure you do not miss out on anything important.

Mock interviews

In the case of some foreign countries, you are required to go through an interview at the embassy. You need to prepare yourself for the visa interview because if you somehow do not pass it, your admission is of no use to you.

Education consultants give you one-on-one counseling for such interviews. You will get a chance to appear in the mock interviews that they conduct.

Help regarding visa appointment

When you are ready for the interview, and your documents are complete and assembled, your study abroad consultant will give you the go-ahead to go before the embassy.

Not only this, a professional consultancy will book an appointment for you on your behalf with the embassy so that you can appear well-prepared.

Assist in Medical testing

Since some countries are still affected by diseases like polio, the visa procedure also includes the medical assessment. So, the study abroad consultancies do sometimes help you with the medical appointments and presenting your documents to the embassy. They will also help you in regards to health insurance.

Get one-to-one counseling for the visa process now!

If you’re in a developing country like Pakistan, you’re one of the many foreign study aspirants around. After you are done with securing admission with the help of professionals in your favorite foreign university, now you can take the services of a consultant for study abroad programs and visa facilitation as well. Because you will benefit from what Professionals know, and you do not.

Save yourself from making little mistakes because these can have big impacts.