5 Essential Travel Gadgets that will come in Handy on your Next Trip

5 Amazing Travel Gadgets That May Come in Handy on Your Next Trip

Sometimes you just need to getaway. Go far away from the city and leave all the stress behind. However, there are times when travelling can turn into a nightmare if you are not prepared or equipped with the right tools to make your trip a memorable one. To make sure that your vacation will be a great experience, here are some travel gadgets that you might find useful on your next trip…

1. Go Pro

If you’re the type of person who loves adventure and extreme sports then GoPro HERO8 is the right camera for you. For extreme sports professionals to drone photography enthusiasts, this can be a useful tool. It can come up with 4k HD videos and it is waterproof.

Another great advantage of using GoPro HERO8 is the high-quality photos it produces, plus a variety of accessory add-ons that you can combine it with. It also has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and companion apps (iOS and Android) which make it easier for you to capture photos and share it with other devices.

2. Bluetooth portable speaker

Travelling can become more memorable if you experience it with your loved ones. Sometimes, you need music to make your trip more fun and entertaining. That is why you should make sure to bring a Bluetooth portable speaker system like the Bose Soundlink Mini with you anywhere you go. Its long battery life can last up to 7 hours when it’s fully charged.

Its Bluetooth connectivity can reach up to 30-feet from your device and 3.5mm non-Bluetooth devices. This speaker can improve the quality of sound and help it reach a wider scope thus making beach parties or other gatherings more enjoyable.

3. Power bank and travel adapter

It is a necessity these days to bring a portable battery pack or a power bank wherever you go as well as a good travel adapter for your chargers. These two are very useful gadgets in case your batteries get drained during the journey. To get the best power bank there is, consider these factors before purchasing one; capacity, weight, charge speed, ports, and durability.

The Kmashi MP816 10000 mAh Battery Pack is really good since it charges fast and offers a fast 5V charge from its dual 2Amp and 2.1Amp USB chargers. There are various other good quality power banks available online and with up to 34% off gearbest coupon, you can get top-notch power banks at the lowest price.

4. Personal Water Filter and Travel Mug

Maintaining good personal hygiene should also be paramount when you’re going for your next trip and with that in mind, it is safer and much handy to travel with water filters like the Lifestraw which will help you consume safe drinking water anywhere.

A good travel mug is also essential, especially one that can keep your drink hot for up to 5 hours and cold for up to 12 hours, a good example is the Contigo travel mug. It is made of Thermalock technology and comes with a tight lid with auto seal technology which makes it spill-proof.

5. Selfie Stick or Monopod

A selfie stick is a great phone accessory since it brings taking selfies to the next level. It does not need any batteries or Bluetooth connection and is very convenient because you can easily fold and keep it when not in use.

This is a great way to capture family photos since it takes your phone screen further away thus allowing bigger photos to be taken. In order to take perfect selfies, just plug it into the headphone connector and start taking pictures! This is an affordable gadget that you should always bring when travelling.