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16 Top Team Engagement Software Platforms That Promise Productivity In 2022

Did you know a study says only 15% of the global employees fall in the “engaged” category! While another stat says, $450-$550 billion are lost in productivity due to lack of engagement. No doubt, good team engagement software is the need of the time!

And as Simon Sinek says,

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

And that’s why here is a list of 16 Team Engagement Software. Choose the one that fits the mould of your requirements precisely.

Top 5 Team Engagement Software For High Performing Teams

HROne- Overall Best Software

HROne aims to treat employees in the best manner possible and keep them happy and satisfied. It integrates other HROne’s HCM Suite modules with the engagement module to achieve the task.

Some awesome features of the HROne Engagement Module:

  • Capture the happiness quotient of employees through moodbots
  • Encourage peer to peer relationships by badges that colleagues and teammates extend to each other. Moreover, react and comment on the badges, just like a Facebook wall!
  • Instant rewards instead of annual, half-yearly, or quarterly ones. Redeem these reward coins to buy vouchers of your choice!
  • Enterprise wall for HR to post the latest buzz of the office!
  • 1-1 interviews to check in with the pulse of the team.
  • Deep analytics about the employee happiness quotient so that you can take improvement measures according to insights.
  • Access the special leadership boards to keep an eye on budding heroes and nurture them right! 
  • Customize your UI and change your feed colour
  • And donate through the fundraiser for any cause. The donation is auto-deducted. Easy Peasy!

Kazoo- Best For Recognition

Kazoo aims to build a healthy work culture by incentivising habits like giving peers reviews which earns the employee some points. And they can claim prizes through these points. Interesting, right?

Some awesome features of Kazoo:

  • 360 Reviews system made simple by giving reviews through templates
  • Enables managers to schedule 1-on-1 interviews, create surveys, check in with team members, etc.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Rippling, Namely, Verb, Bamboo HR, etc.
  • Real-time feedbacks
  • Analytical reports

Outback Team Building- Best For Team Building

It is a unique take on team building activities and training modules and aims to create a positive culture.

It can do it all, team building activities, development solutions, group training, or consulting solutions.

Some awesome features of Outback Team Building:

  • They craft unique team building activities that bring employees closer.
  • They go one step forward by providing event coordinators that ensure you get only the best experience.
  • And finally, the events are designed to be such that anybody can join from anywhere. It incorporates the new hybrid and works from home models. Best For Collaboration goes a long way in ensuring the tasks are completed within time. If you have a project of a considerable size, is the magic your team needs.

It makes workflows transparent and provides real-time insights & analytics.

Some awesome features of

  • Crystal clear visibility of the amount of time spent on each project.
  • Timeline Views and Integrations features keep the team in sync where the entire team can see who has achieved which activity, which not, and more!
  • The platform is brightly colour coded, which makes it very appealing.
  • Always up with some new updates and integrations.

Culture Amp- Best For Feedback

Feedback should be given and taken positively. And this is what Culture Amp achieves with its design.

Some awesome features of Culture Amp:

  • Employers can see the stats of positive and constructive feedback versus negative feedback.
  • Employees can self-manage their performance and also report the same to their teammates.
  • Both employees and managers can see how work is coming along through the diverse reporting and management features.

Other Virtual Employee Engagement Platform We Love!

  • Bonusly
  • Nectar
  • Assembly
  • Empuls
  • SurveySparrow
  • Inspire Software
  • Waggle
  • Leapsome
  • Medallia
  • Officevibe
  • ActivTrak

In A Nutshell…

Virtual employee engagement platforms are the future of the modern workforce. Generation Z and further ones are highly aware and purpose-oriented. Tech is the only way to match their expectations. 

But getting the right software that matches your requirements and fits into the mould perfectly is essential too.

I hope this article helped you do that!

Also, is there an incredible tech platform up to your sleeve? Let everyone know about it through the comments below!

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