Does Local SEO Marketing Matters?

local seo

Search engine optimization is a process to enhance your business outreach and convert to sales. The process involves satisfying searcher’s queries and meeting his intent with your quality content that can help boost your web ranking.

Google’s algorithm works in a way that benefits the searcher with the best possible results. For instance, if a person in Toronto is looking for the best coffee shop then you need to optimize your keywords according to the searcher’s query.

It is impossible to rank your website in the top results if a person searches for your product, say it to be a coffee shop. A coffee shop is a short tail keyword. It means that it to general or broad to specify results, hence only those with the most reviews, information or links will be shared on top. If you want to optimize your website for this result it is best to start with local SEO.

Local SEO services are present to improve your local web ranking. SEO marketing comes up with numerous benefits. You can either rank your web in the SERP results or increase sales by improving web traffic, or can even plan to reduce the bounce rate for conversions. These all require proper SEO planning and strategies that only experts can help with.

SEO companies invest a lot of time and effort in research for Google web rankings. Stats indicate that more people are going to review results that are located near them. Hence, it becomes obligatory to optimize your local SEO strategy if you own a local store or a coffee shop.

Here are some tips you can  work on to improve local SEO rankings:

  • Google My Business Account
  • Local Business Listings
  • Local Reviews and PR

Google My Business Account:

Moz has anticipated that Google My Business account counts for 25% of your Map Pack rankings. Map pack rankings appear when a person searches for a coffee shop and the search engine produces a map result, with business details, contact information, reviews, and a website. It is further followed by other results. The map pack is also known as a local pack that features the most popular local search results.

Google My Business

It shows that having a Google My Business (GMB) account will positively impact the local ranking for your coffee shop. So having a GMB is not a big deal, until it is properly optimized for the local keywords. GMB account should be filled with all relevant fields, web address, physical location, numbers, opening hours, contact details, and positive reviews as well.

It is essential to include the same web address on all websites to ensure Google for the legitimacy of the business. If the business information changes overtime it becomes obligatory to update on all business directories and websites.

Furthermore, having an optimized category selection in GMB accounts is important. As most of the businesses ignore this section, but it really helps in local rankings.

Local Business Listings:

Following a GMB account, it is recommended to make local business listings as well. Local business listings are similar to that of local directories. For instance, if someone wants to find business information he would refer to Google, Yelp, or other online business directories to verify it. If your coffee shop is not listed there, then the possibility of losing a customer can arise. Hence, updating business details on local directories with accurate information also helps in link building and improving your web ranking.

Local Reviews and PR:

Local SEO companies have links with PR agencies or bloggers that do influential marketing. If you want to rank your coffee shop in local searches you need to get great positive reviews and some influencer’s recommendations.

Getting a positive review is important for conversions. People usually rely on what others have to say. The easiest form to convince them is using Google reviews. This option is available in the GMB account and can be done strategically to boost a positive word of mouth. Regular customers can be provided with a review link, a form or survey to rate your coffee shop services. This will impact your rankings as well as attain more customer attention.

Local Reviews

Similarly, linking our shop with local influencers is part of the local SEO marketing. You can ask them to share your web page, name, address with relevant keywords that can boost your authority and web ranking in no time. This will help in gaining popularity and some link building as well.

These tips conclude that getting local SEO services is useful while planning to increase daily customer’s intake. Many websites fail to implement such strategies and loose their ultimate goal. Link building is part of the game but making your local brand name also requires local SEO marketing that can further help in expanding your business operations.