10 Effective Tips to Increase Your iOS Code Quality

iOS Code Quality

To write quality code, it’s a process of continuous improvement. With years of practice, it’s needed. Also, the written code of today, its likely to be better than the one written 2 years back. It might even be worse than what you would write after one year. Either way, it’s all part of the process. But the best thing is, if you are trying to look for constant improvement in code, we are here for you. The article will provide some important tips to increase your iOS code quality. It will help you in your journey towards betterment. So, follow it and do better.

Tips to Increase Your iOS Code Quality

1. Use Extension Pattern for Grouping Code Chunks

An effective means for keeping organized code is- leveraging extension patterns. It includes grouping the kind of same code chunks in extensions. To say, one can group the setup code in 1 extension while delegating in another. It would make the code readable, too. It will also help to remain maintained in the future. Also, with concerns about separation, one can enhance the readability and modularity of the code.

2. Use Typealias for Better Advantage

Typealias can help add more semantics to code. In this manner, if someone looks at the code for the 1st time, it would remain understandable. Typealias, it can simplify the complex declaration type. It can make the code readable and expressive.

3. Avoiding Duplication of Code

Code duplication shows that there’s a need for the refractor. In case you see you are writing similar codes, again, it shows that a refractor is needed. If you are writing it 3rd time, a refractor is a must. So, remove the code duplicity as it reduces redundancy. It also helps to simplify maintenance.

4. Defining Max Number of Per File Lines

One other important tip for an increase in iOS code quality is setting max number of lines per file. Then, stick to the same. When the file exceeds the limit, then break the same into 2 or even more files. Such practice will enhance readability. It will also make it easy to locate the specific functionality pieces. One can even use an extension pattern that was discussed before. It will help with the breakdown achievement.

5. Use Pre-built-in Features Right

iOS app developer and you will learn what iOS has to offer. It has a plethora of pre-built-in features in the foundational framework. Leveraging such functions helps to save time. It also helps save effort while ensuring that best practices get followed. Some of the examples here are NSFormatter for the number and data formatting. There are also other examples like NSPredicate and NSCache.

6. No-Happy Path

Take care of it. Now, it’s natural to remain focused on the happy path when developing, but don’t forget errors. You must handle it effectively.

Think of what would happen when there is an error. Is there any option to try action? While you question, address the no-happy path scenario. It will ensure the app has a friendly and robust experience.

7. Handling Sensitive Information

Handling sensitive information needs better consideration. See if you are trying to hash passwords before sending them to the servers. See if you have secure storage of confidential information. It can be like the API keys within the keychain. Ensure by all means that the security of data is there.

8. Creating Variables & Functions with the Descriptive Names

One of the best documentation for the code is- auto-documentation of code. The concept’s foundation is to have descriptive names for functions and variables. When there are meaningful names, it will be easy. It will help to read the code and understand the purpose of it. Also, to use the parameter placeholders, wherever possible, it enhances the clarity.

9. Reviewing Indexes & Force Unwrap

Force unwrapping the nil objects and the indexes that are out of bound causes crashes. They are common causes of crashes in iOS applications. Now, it can be easily avoided by writing an extra couple of lines for safely handling cases. So, always try and review the code for the force unwraps. Also, review the code for index handling to ensure the stability required.

10. Direct Avoidance of Hard-Coding Messages in Code

To hard-code messages directly in code causes maintenance challenges. So, instead, consider centralization of all the messages in the manager. You can also try and directly localize them all. Such an approach will ensure that the message used many times, is easily maintained. Also, it would ensure easier updates.

Apart from the aforesaid tips, its quite important to choose experienced professionals. You can also select experienced iPhone app development. Make sure, that whatever you do, you choose wisely. It will help to create a significant difference. It’s because skilled professionals will always use the best of expertise. They will also use the resources in the right way to help in high-quality code creation that meets your needs.

Once you are ready, you can hire an iOS app developer and take the app to another level. To partner with the best will act as a game-changer for you. After all, the professionals have experience and capability. They can bring your vision to life while they adhere to the coding practices.

Final Words

Improving iOS code quality is a proper journey. It continually needs effort. It also needs attention to the details. Following the tips above can increase the chance to improve code quality. So, whether you are an independent developer or working with a team, the practices would help. It will ensure delivering of better products. Also, writing iso code quality is a continuous process of improvement. So, give your dedication. Use the skills in the right manner, and you will get better with the time.