6 Reasons Why you Need to Change Your iPhone Screen

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Apple has been a big name in the mobile phone for a long time now and has never failed to provide good quality products. If you guys also have an iPhone but the display is not that great, then it’s about time that you give some attention to your phone’s screen and change it. But iPhone LCD screen replacement is a task that not many people can perform with ease. So, if you are one of those then you need to take it to the repair center, and if not then you can do it yourself too. So let us get right to it.

Black bars or incomplete image:

If you are seeing black bars on your iPhone screen or if it is showing half of an image, that means the LCD screen is not properly internally connected to the motherboard. Sometimes the image completely disappears as well. You need to check the connecter plugs and make sure they are properly connected to the mainboard. If the pins are bent or damaged, then it can also cause hindrance in the connection. You can just check and straighten the pins. Once the pins are back in the right place then plug the LCD again. It should solve the problem if it was originated due to an improper connection.

Well, these were some of the factors which are a clear indicator, that the time has come for you to change the screen of your phone. iPhone Parts can save you from the horrors of having to deal with a faulty screen, in your daily life. We hope this article proved to be beneficial for you guys. If yes, then make sure to visit again and get all the info you need about the tech world.


White Screen:

Whenever there is an issue in the software calibration of the iPhone you will experience a white screen. It is because sometimes iPhone does not tend to accept a new part of the hardware. If this happens you should just soft reset your device. If it still shows the white screen that means the device is not accepting the 3rd party hardware. It is recommended to call Apple device care and get the device replaced.

Stress Marks:

Any kind of discoloration or ink-like spots on the screen means your screen is damaged. Stress marks are caused due to some kind of pressure applied on the screen. Whether it is internal or external. Sometimes you just have some keys or other solid things in your pocket with the phone, which tend to damage the screen. If your phone fell or took a big bump, then the glass particles of the broken screen might damage the lcd from the inside. When you are going to replace the screen with a new one, first make sure to clean the panel. Clean all the glass particles or any other things, which might be causing stress marks.

Lack of Touch Response:

When your iPhone’s screen is not responding to the touch then it might need to be replaced. Sometimes the LCD screen does not respond to the touch only in certain areas. These areas are called dead spots. Dead spots are usually caused in the manufacture and are also checked while manufacturing. But if it occurs after some time, then it might possibly be caused due to damage to the panel. This is also an indicator that you need to get your iPhone LCD screen replaced.

White Halo:

A white halo shows around the screen when there is a flaw in the soldering of the screen. As it takes a few days to show, so you won’t see it immediately after installation. The power of the battery will cause it to lose its conductivity even more, and it will cause a halo around your screen. It can simply be resolved by just soldering the connectors properly on the mainboard. If it still persists then you might just want to replace the screen.

White Halo


Ghosting is the phenomenon in which you see dual images on your screen. This can happen while you are streaming something or just going through your pictures in the gallery. To check this, you need to download the image and preview it on the computer. If it is clear on the computer screen, then it means your iPhone LCD needs to be replaced.